What is E-commerce?

What is E-commerce?

What is E-commerce?

The sale and purchase of things online is e-commerce. It can also be referred to as online shopping for different kinds of goods. Such goods include technology accessories like smartphones, laptops, handsfree and also clothing products of all types. Medicines and other products of daily use are also solved on the internet and they fall under the category of e-commerce.

We are living in an era of internet technology. The Internet has just revolutionalized everything. Almost every aspect of life is affected by it. Sending a message from one corner of the world to any other part is not a difficult task to accomplish these days and all credit for this goes to the internet. Similarly, information has now become easily available due to it. Every person who is connected to the internet is connected to the whole world and can know about any information or anything important happening around the world. This is the blessing of the internet.

As the internet impacted on all other departments of life. It also impacted the shopping industry. Everything in this modern world is online. Booking of movies or bus tickets can be done online. Mobile recharge and utility bills can be paid online. In the very same way, shopping can also be done online. The process of selecting things online for shopping is known as e-commerce.

The world has now moved into another direction. Going to the market for buying different things is now a conventional method. Man has now progressed and it wants everything from the comfort of it’s home. E-commerce developers are building online shops that give the opportunity to buy products of your need from the comfort of your arm.

There are numerous e-commerce stores available around the world that sell different useful products to their users. Customers go there and browse products of their concern and then select the things they need but they prefer to look for their data security first before going to the payment process. And therefore, most ecommerce sites use the best Wildcard SSL Certificate to secure customer’s data on the main website as well as its sub domains too. Because the main motto of the e-commerce store is to provide a reliable service to its customers in any part of the website.

Types of e-commerce:

E-commerce is a huge industry and several modules are working in it. There is are multiple best e-commerce platforms. Typically, there are many types of e-commerce models that are working around the world. We will discuss here only the famous and most successful ones:

  • Business to Business (B2B):

This is a type of business takes place on e-commerce between two companies. This may be between two companies from which one is an assembler and buying components from others. Most of these kinds of transactions take place between companies of the same type but work on different modules.

  • Business to Consumer (B2C):

This is a common type of transaction that takes place electronically. If we say most of this transaction takes place daily then there is no lie in it. Because most of the e-commerce stores are selling directly to the consumers. This type of trade helps both the buyer and the consumer because the middle man is removed and the cost is reduced. Such a module of e-commerce aid the business to build a friendly relationship with the customer and they may get returning customers in this way that will help them a lot.

  • Consumer to Consumer(C2C):

This module of e-commerce is also really famous. It is not much popular if compared to the above two but still holds a significant position. This type of commerce is done between two consumers and one middle platform serves the purpose of dealing for them. There are dedicated platforms for such type of commerce. This module online transaction also largely takes place on social media platforms.

E-commerce platform:

E-commerce is a special type of place solely for sale and purchase. Billions of dollars transaction take place in it daily. It is not like every other website of the internet. Its purpose is different and its design and structure are also really different than all others.

Due to all of these significances, there is a demand for a specialized platform for the development of e-commerce. One of the important things for any e-commerce platform is its options for the user. The e-commerce site must be really good in readability and rigorous testing should be performed before making the store live. The easier it is for the customer the more traffic store will get. 

Themes and design also play a great role in making the store attractive and productive for the customer and seller. The more attractive it is more people will come towards it. Different platforms exist on the internet and serving this purpose. We will discuss here some of these.

  • Shopify:

It is a popular platform in the e-commerce industry. Most of the e-commerce stores are built on this platform. Many dropshipping stores are also built on this platform. It is one of the reliable and oldest platforms in this industry.

  • Woocommerce:

This platform is also really good and is used by most of the commerce store owners. It has a lot of variety and options for its users. There are a lot of stylish icons and themes it contains for its users.

  • Wix:

Wix is a new entry in the market but becoming popular among the people. It has gained popularity within a very short span of time. There are a lot of designs that are available in it and help the site owners to customize according to their own will. It is also very simple to use and provides you with a lot of options for themes and colors.

Is E-commerce worth it?

Now, that’s a really good and important question and the answer is obviously YES!!. We all know the e-commerce giant Amazon and the amount of money that it is making online. Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon remained the world richest man for a few months. I think this argument is enough to show the importance and significance of the e-commerce industry.

E-commerce is one of the hottest industries nowadays. It has a large database for customers. Millions of people visit online stores daily to but thousands of products. New technologies are also taking place in it. Different big giants are taking hold of the industry but there is always a place for a newbie to come and grow.

There is one thing that is vital and everyone should notice it before coming to this industry. There is a surge in the number of people that are doing this business. Over the last decade, many people jumped into this field as they think that products will sell like hot cakes on e-commerce but now things have changed a little bit. There is more competition in the field. As different stores are already operating there and dominate some share of the market.

For new ones, it is difficult to kick-off but not impossible. One can utilize this platform for it’s best if he works hard with consistency. Good services also attract customers. People always go to that place which they find attractive and useful. If the store is attractive but giving low quality then people will not come to such a store again. That’s why quality matters a lot in such cases.


If you are looking towards e-commerce as a customer then this is not a bad option to give it a try. There are rating systems available in different e-stores. Which shows the rating os specific products shipped by specific sellers. People give a rating on the base of the product that they have received from the seller.

This feature helps a lot in determining that what product is of good quality and will give benefit if you buy. Similarly, you can also review once you have received the product. So, the seller will send you a good product or at least will try to do so because he knows that the customer can give a bad rating if the product is of bad quality. 

One more cool feature of e-commerce that there are different types of promotions and discounts are always there on e-commerce stores on a different product. So, an e-commerce customer can avail of a lot of good discount offers.

Some stores can take payment online and some provide cash on delivery options. Some good stores offer both and also a money-back guarantee on some products. This feature also helps the customer in spending the money without any worry because the customer knows that his money will not be wasted.

However, if you are looking at e-commerce to jump into this business. Then there are a few corns and pros that you should consider before going into it. Some of them have already been discussed earlier to give you an idea.

As whole e-commerce is a great platform for both sellers and buyers. Both can utilize this platform greatly by keeping some considerations in mind. So, it’s all dependent on people that how they want to use to for their good.


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