What Is App Development?

Basic Knowledge of App Development.

App development is the process of developing an app for different operating systems like Android iOS, Windows, etc. These applications can be pre-installed in your devices or you can download them from specific places (Play Store and App Store). Mobile app development has been steadily growing, in revenues and jobs created. 2013 analyst report estimates there are 529,000 direct app economy jobs within the EU than 28 members (including the UK), 60 percent of which are mobile app developers.

 The most focused thing while developing an app is to make user-interface as friendly as you can to grab the attention of the user. There are different ways and strategies that can be used to make a good interface that can engage the users. 

Who Is An App Developer?

A person who is involved in the development of apps is known as an App developer. Different developers are specialized in different categories of app development i-e Game development, Accounting Software development, Banking Software development, etc. Companies often start the research process through campaigns and get information from users.

 The pieces of information are then passed on to App developers. While keeping the demand of users App developers then create App. After the App is developed and is now available for the users. The App developers consistently work on creating patches (upgrades) to provide useful new features.

There are actually different platforms available to learn about app development. One can learn from the internet. The Internet has just revolutionalized everything. Almost everything is available online for you to search and explore. Any person can master any skill through the blessing of the internet. Youtube videos are also a great platform to learn any skills. 

There are a variety of videos available on youtube from which you can learn any art. This gives you the power to practice along with the video and can pause it anytime when you did not get anything. The same is the case of app development. In this age, it’s all dependent on the person how much he wants to learn and explore.

Stages Involved in an App Development.

Developing an app is not an easy task as it takes great time and effort to accomplish the task thoroughly. But if you follow some of these basic steps there will be less chance of failure and you will end up with a professional-looking App. The five most common things involved in developing an app are as follows;

  • Sketch up your Idea on a paper.
  • Do some market research on your idea.
  • Starts work on making App Graphical content.
  • Create the app using the Android Developer or Xcode.
  • Launch The App in stores (Play Store, App Store).
  • Get consistently feedback from consumers to improve your work.

App Development on Android:    

The process of developing new Apps on Andriod is called Android App development. Apps bring Covineince in our lives by their cool features that attract user interest. The fundamental of Android App development includes these steps

  1. Learning the app development language.Java and C++are the main languages used in Android App development. Therefore Knowledge about these languages is a prerequisite to start the process.
  2. Familiarity with app development tools is also a key skill that an App developer must poses. App Developers requires enough familiarity with using Android App Studio and other Android App developing tools.
  3. The app developers should know the basic knowledge of Application Components. Application Components include Activity Component, Service Component, Content Provider, Broadcast receiver and Activating Components.5 Stages Of Android App Development

App Development On iOS:

Learning a new skill is always a difficult task but if proper knowledge and steps ae taken then everything can be done without difficulties. Let us start the basic of the iOS development process

  1. Xcode an iOS app editor, project analyst, a debugger is used to make iOS apps. So one must be familiar with the Xcode interface and at least knows the basics of using Xcode.
  2. Swift programing Language tool is used by iOS developers to develop apps for iOS,macOS, TvOS and WatchOS.It is much easier than Objective-C and contains lots of features to help you to work more productively.
  3. Every app requires User-interface with which end-user Contract. It is essential to know the basics of Graphic Designing in order to build eye-catching User Interfaces.
  4. Works on creating clean architecture for your app coding. The architecture process of coding is the same as constructing buildings. So how much care will be taken in developing code the maximum results will receive by the developer.
  5. Swift is most concerned with governing Logic likes When, what, why. So an app developer works on logic development while learning coding to enhance its skills and utilize them with maximum output.

“This is my no. 1 rule for learning anything. If you can set aside one hour a day to focus exclusively on learning iOS app development, you’re guaranteed to make progress. It’s that simple.”

Income from App Development:

With the Rapidly increasing demand for apps. Companies are making apps and increasing their revenue to a whole next level. Companies Providing App development facilities are hiring App developers with a salary package that an ordinary person can only imagine. Recently it is figured out that app developer in Asian countries boosts their income as compared to developers in North America and Europe.

 In 2016 app developers in Asia managed to earn $37 billion and North Americans managed to earn $35 Billion and Europeans just managed to earn $16.5 billion. Salary of an app developer is also dependent on their location for example developer sitting in states of the USA may charge 150$/hour. on the other hand developer in Indonesia will charge 10$ per hour. 

There are different ways by which the developers earn from their apps. The most common of them is through advertisement. There are different advertisement networks that give you adds to put on your app and you will be get paid for that. The most common of them is the Google Adsense network. Some apps are paid. User has to pay to download the app or to sign up in the app. This model of earning is also good as earning is dependent on the number of downloads. App owners can manually contact the publisher and get some advertisement for their app directly. All these methods of earning are used by app owners in different ways.

How Much An App Development Cost:                          

The cost of developing an application depends upon a list of features an app developer is providing to its consumers and cannot be measured generally. An operating system is just a factor that affects in app development. For example, if you are developing an app for different platforms it will cost you a bit expensive. Contrary, if you developed an app for iOS, Apple will charge you 99$/year, while android just charges 25$ with lifetime accessibility.

Top 5 App Developing Companies

Developing an app is not an easy task and not everyone can do it. Specialized persons who have abundant knowledge of app development can only develop apps. Most Known companies which leading in-app development market with expertise are as follows;

  1. OpenXCell; OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt.Ltd is a leading app developing company in the USA following, it comes with different IT solutions, Business management solutions, mobile app development, and web development solution.
  2. Cubix;  Cubix starts it working back in 2008 with 7 random individuals to create a company that has a global impact. Today Cubix is providing its tech-related services almost too all word with its Advance Research specialist and loyal employees.
  3. Utility; Utility is an end to end mobile app development company, works on app development while keeping the modern norms in mind. Their veteran team of specialist provides you up to date services with on-time delivery service
  4. Swenson He; Firm is established in 2014 by two alumni’s Nick Swenson and Chao He with a view to delivering tech-related services according to the increasing needs of firms an organization all over the world. 
  5. Ripen Apps; Ripen Apps is an Indian originated app development company that provides Android, Windows, iOS and web development services to Startups and big companies.

App Development Learning Platforms

Learning App development is now not as difficult as different platforms are providing app development courses both free and paid. If you are a beginner my advice to go free app development courses and as you go through the basics then spend your money on paid ones. Some Free and paid sources for learning app development includes,

  • YouTube
  • Google 
  • edX
  • Udacity
  • Linkedin
  • Open Culture

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