Ways you can use to extend a laptop’s lifespan.

The portability of a laptop is one of its numerous advantages over desktop computers. However, this feature exposes your delicate machine to the risk of wear and tear over time. Not long ago, people had concerns about the durability, security, and performance of these portable computers. The price of these machines, in comparison with their desktop counterparts, aggravated these concerns. However, due to price cuts, more people nowadays opt for a laptop computer, mainly because of its portability.
The following are some big mistakes that laptop owners often make and how you can fix them – enjoy this list from professional term paper assistance.

Factory settings.

Similar to any smartphone, a laptop’s factory settings like brightness are most of the time is high. You can adjust your computer settings to make it conducive for your use. You achieve reduced battery usage and do a huge favor to your eyes this way.

Charging the battery more often than necessary

Laptop batteries have a design to work without needing any power source. They utilize a technology that enables them to have a given number of “charge cycles.” Similarly, they can have thoroughly used and recharged cycles depending on the manufacturing company. Many people who work with their laptops often leave them plugged in always. It is safe to completely drain the battery of its charge first before plugging it in again.

Memory and backup.

If you are running too many applications simultaneously, you will be using up too much RAM. If you save too many files on your computer, you will eventually run out of storage space in your hard drive. It may be advantageous to keep all your work in one place, but what if your laptop crashed? How would you salvage your data and information? You need to back up all your files on cloud-based programs or websites.

Overheating and cooling

Ensure your computer has a sound airflow system. Consider putting a pillow between the laptop and you whenever you are using it on your lap.


Place your computer in a cool and dry place away from any temperature extremes. Also, make sure it’s in a safe place where nobody will damage or step on it, ensuring there are no particles that can get stuck in your keyboard, and it won’t gather a lot of dust.

Wear and tear.

The portable nature of laptops makes them vulnerable to occasional dropping or environmental hazards. You can buy a padded bag, case, or sleeve when you are carrying around your computer.
Below are some accessories that matter while caring for your machine.

External hard drives.

You will get many advantages from buying an external drive from increasing your computer’s performance to extending your laptop’s lifespan. They also work as a secondary backup in case something happens to your notebook.

Cases and sleeves.

You don’t need to buy an expensive sleeve or case unless you’re a road king. A simple and affordable sleeve can also do the trick while keeping your laptop safe from wear and tear.
Wireless mouse.
By far, this is one of the fashionable computer accessories on sale. Although a mousepad works just fine, a wireless mouse will reduce wear and tear to your machine and help with your daily routines.


Whether your laptop stays as good as new or breaks down and suffers wear and tear depends on how much care you give it.

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