Top Engineering Colleges in India

Top Engineering Colleges in India – How to choose Your Dream College?

We cannot deny the fact that top engineering colleges in India are located in every corner of the country. There are 3982 private colleges and 822 government colleges in India. They provide premium education taught by experienced faculties through the state of the art infrastructure. But the sheer number of colleges in India may be a reason for confusion to many aspirants. So, how to choose your dream institute from the list of top engineering colleges in India? Read further, and you will have an idea of how to proceed while taking this decision of your life.

Top Engineering Colleges in India – How to choose the right college?

There are a number of top engineering colleges in India. Let’s know how to choose the best out of them here.

  • Convince yourself for Engineering

Engineering has been a popular course for ages. Most of our parents, grandparents and their grandparents desired to be an engineer. This has been passed down to the next generations too. It was so then because there weren’t too many options for future studies, but that’s not the scenario at present. 

New career paths have evolved, and students have diversified to various streams. So before you start the search for a college from the list of top engineering colleges in India, you would want to make sure that engineering is the course that you want to pursue and build a career in. This is the first step indeed!

  • Choose the specialization stream you want to pursue

Engineering has a wide spectrum of specializations offered by the top engineering colleges in India. Students have a rough idea about the mainstream areas like Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. 

However, most of us are not aware of courses like Textile Engineering, Marine Engineering, or Industrial Engineering. Research about all such areas which you find interesting and shortlist at least 2 or 3 courses so that you can get admission in one if the other doesn’t click right.

  • Categorize as per your preference

When you have finally decided on the stream you want to specialize in, research those engineering colleges that offer that field of study. Categorize these colleges as per your convenience. 

You can segregate them according to the difficulty level for admission. Sort the colleges into three groups – one, those top engineering colleges in India with the best quality education in your chosen stream but difficult to get in; second, those who are good in academics and comparatively easier to get through; and third, those who are equally good and have a much-relaxed admission criterion and you wouldn’t mind going to. 

This will simplify your task. You will have a better idea as to which college stands where in your priority checklist. Otherwise, you can consider aspects like distance from home, affordability, placement statistics, etc.

  • Criteria to consider

Few important aspects must be kept in mind while deciding the right choice among the top engineering colleges in India. The location of the college is a big factor in this. It becomes a challenging task for many students to leave their home and study in a completely different setting. If you are comfortable staying away from home, you should check for the hostel facilities and meal services in and around the college. 

Fees affordability is another important factor before shortlisting from the list of top engineering colleges in India. Generally, government engineering colleges are likely to be cheaper than private ones. Most colleges have scholarship schemes to help students fund their studies. 

A good Teacher-student ratio is equally important to choose the best engineering college in India. Adding to this, the qualification and experience of faculty, to a great extent, determine the reputation of the college. 

Last but not least is the placement record of the college. The top engineering colleges in India like IITs, NITs, IIITs offer super placements with average annual packages starting from 4 – 12 LPA. Hence, the number of job offers, the number of companies visited, the average and the highest salary offered in the past few years are some important points to check. Adding to this, pay attention to details like – Social life at campus, Diversity among students

  • Rank your preferences

Compare the best engineering colleges in India, which you have shortlisted and rank them based on the features you are considering. Rate them out of 10 and add up. This will give you a clearer picture of which college leads and how. Your task is complete halfway!

  • Eligibility for scholarship

Scholarships provide a good alternative to reduce the financial burden of the otherwise expensive college fees. Top engineering colleges in India are enrolled in various scholarship schemes of central or state governments, semi-government, or private organizations. Hence, you must check if you are eligible for any such schemes or financial aids. This will take you a step closer to your dream engineering college.

  • Keep a holistic approach

There are many top engineering institutes in India of high reputation, and some of them are a brand on their own. You must be open to choosing a college that has a good academic record and can help you develop yourself into a better human being. Do not go by any brand name. 

You will not want to regret your decision later if the college doesn’t give you positive outcomes. Make your choice wisely according to the performance of the department you want to specialize in.

  • Make sure you have the required scores

The most vital point you must consider is the required marks. Top engineering colleges in India consider rank in entrance exams like JEE, WBJEE, KIITEE, BITSAT to grant admission to aspirants. Not just rank in entrance exams but also marks attained in 10 + 2 level is considered. So, it is necessary to have a good percentage of marks in these exams.

After you get into one of the top engineering colleges in India, your life is bound to change. The right choice will give you positive results later in life. So, you must be very cautious before choosing your dream engineering institute in India. Try contacting students or alumni from the college; they will give you accurate updates about – studies, faculty, placements, etc. If possible, try visiting the campus and evaluate your decision. Once you get admission into one of the top engineering colleges in India, there will be no looking back!

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