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Styling Tips for a Designer Single Bedding 

Are you looking for some ideas to dress up your single bed? Or searching for the best way to style your bed in minimum time? We all have a mobile life and are so busy in our daily life that we do not find enough time to style our beds to perfection. This specially holds when it comes to single or struggling students. But there is nothing to worry when you have some hacks that can help you create designer single bedding and create a timeless look. 

For creating a hotel-like bedroom that looks so positive and irresistible, you need to follow a few rules and know how to dress a bed perfectly. Follow the experts guide given below to help you create and me and luxurious single bedding with style and comfort.

The very first step towards making a comfortable and perfect bed is to choose the right bedding elements. Single beds are smaller in size when compared with a double and king size bed, so they do not have enough space for all the luxurious elements such as throws, accent cushions and pillows, and additional blankets. Therefore you have to work very carefully when it comes to choosing the bedding accessories.

Below are given some elements that will help you create a stylish bed. 


Pillows: Use Oxford pillows with a loose cat all around. Also keeps a European square pillow 65 x 65 CM popping out at the very back of below arrangement. Don’t forget to add accent cushions in front of the pillows. Always choose the pattern and design according to the color scheme of your interior. 

Bed Sheets: Bed sheets are controversial because some people like to go for fitted sheets while others like the flat sheets only. Some people also love to use both at the same time. There is no hard and fast rule which one you should go for, instead it is a matter of personal preference. A fitted sheet has elastic coronavirus elastic all around it is used to cover the mattress and the mattress topper. It hurts the mattress tightly and stays in place giving your bed a seamless finish.

 It is not mandatory to cover the fitted sheet with a flat sheet but if you want you can do so. But remember that a flat sheet can increase the time that you are vital to spend on making your bed. Whereas fitted sheets stay in place and do not detach yourself unless you pull them off. It means you will get neat bedding even after waking up in the morning.

Topper: as stated earlier single beds are smaller in size and do not have enough space for a lot of elements. And when it comes to getting toppers, you can choose only one. Duvets are the best recommendation because they not only bring comfort and softness to the bed but also the duvet covers add color and life to it. 

They are a great way to introduce a Pop of color as well as make your bed comfortable and soft. They are available according to each season and user’s body type but if you feel them too hot for summer you can go for a coverlet instead. 

Throws help to add an opulent feel to the bedding. They are multifunctional such as they can be used to create a timeless stylish look as well as to wrap your shoulders and legs while watching a favorite TV show or reading your favorite book in the winter. Always use a small size throw for a single bed. Simply drape it along the foot side or just throw it on the bed. No matter which way you use it will always look chic. 

When dressing up your bed use the products in the order to get the right look. Always start with the fitted sheet. Follow the fitted sheet with a flat sheet if you want. Next, place the duvet evenly on three fourths of the back leaving some space against the headboard to stack pillows. Place the European law against the headboard and follow it by the standard size one. Place the accent cushions in the middle of the pillows. There you go, bed is ready! 


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