3-Step Process in Converting Your PDF Files with PDFBear

Considering PDF files are the commonly used file formats today, it would only mean knowing how to convert PDF files into different types of file formats is a must. You don’t have to spend so much time doing everything all over again, but just simply convert them into your wanted file format. It is all possible if you know the presence of converter tools.

In this article, we will be presenting you with three simple steps in transforming your PDF files into a different file format that you want with PDFBear. The steps we are talking about are very easy to understand as they are simplified and clarified that even new users wouldn’t have any difficulty getting them.

Have your file uploaded

The initial step is to select and then upload the file you want to convert from PPT to PDF file format. With PDFBear’s aid, you can effortlessly convert PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, and a lot more. You can even upload multiple files at once, without worrying about whether the tool can manage the file size.


You can drag the files and drop them on the site, making it easier to upload several files just by doing that. Rest assured that you won’t have any trouble using PDFBear to convert your PDF files or any file format. You might also see on the tool’s website that they also have their own instructions, making it much easier for you to know what to do to convert your files.

Start the conversion now!

Because PDFBear is an exceptional online tool, the whole conversion process wouldn’t take too much of your time. Time is of the essence, particularly to those who are in a hurry or catching up for a deadline. You are ensured that PDFBear’s will process your conversions much faster than other online tools.

The next step of the process mainly requires waiting. You don’t have to do anything through this time but wait for the completed conversion process. Since the conversion process isn’t that long, it would only take less than two minutes, so there’s nothing for you to do rather than wait for it to finish.

Download the newly converted file

The ultimate and concluding step of the conversion process is downloading the newly converted file into your computers, laptops, or you could also save it on your cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. It can be saved on your smartphone, too, if you have sufficient storage to keep all the documents that you have converted on PDFBear.

You can also further edit your processed files. For example, you can use the Compress PDF tool. PDFBear can reduce the file size of your newly processed file. This makes it more ideal especially if you are going to share the file with other people. 

Cloud System and Security

PDFBear’s accessibility is unmatched. You can access and work with PDFBear using different operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, and even smartphones such as Android and iOS. As long as you are connected online, you’ll have no issues accessing the tool.

PDFBear supports cloud systems where you can work with your files anytime, anywhere. If you are worried about your files’ privacy and security, PDFBear has got you covered with 256-BIT SSL Encryption guarantees that no one will ever have access to your files aside from you.

PDFBear simplifies the process 

What are your thoughts on the conversion process of PDFBear? Isn’t it pretty simple to understand? PDFBear really is a lifesaver when it’s about converting PDF or PPT files that you need to convert into any wanted file format. You won’t face any dilemmas or issues when working with the tool, and you don’t have to do any editing as the original file will maintain everything as is.

You don’t even have to be concerned about your files being accessed by hackers or other people without you authorizing them since the system is protected with a 258-Bit SSL encryption. It secures the users that all the files you have uploaded will be safe in PDFBear’s servers. Grasp the instructions provided, and you’ll have a smooth conversion; why don’t you try and witness for yourself?


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