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PCs have worked in fax programs, which will permit you to send a fax in the event that you have a fax modem or printer appended to your PC. In the event that you do not have the equipment to send a fax, you can utilize an online help called CocoFax.

CocoFax is a fax administration that advises how to send a fax from the computer. For a large portion of the individuals who incline toward faxing, getting a fax machine is the hardest piece of the procedure. They are massive, they require space, they require venture, and there is a great deal of upkeep. Not to overlook the expense of paper, ink, and so forth and the exertion everything needs. Truth be told, the cost of utilizing a fax machine can run upwards of a thousand bucks.

CocoFax: Bid farewell to Fax Machines

CocoFax is a fax specialist organization that can empower you to send and get messages without telephone lines, fax machines, fax modems, or whatever else. You do not need to be interface with the fax lines so as to transmit the fax. 

What’s more, best of all, you can convey your fax machine in your pocket as your telephone, or keep it on your table as your PC. CocoFax chips away at all gadgets that are associated with the Web 

Sending a fax from the computer through CocoFax is as simple as sending an email. Indeed, with regards to security or earnestness, sending a fax is far and away superior to email. Here are the various approaches to fax without a fax machine utilizing CocoFax.

CocoFax-Intensity of a Fax Machine Without Having It 

In the event that you have that customary printer that doesn’t do a lot or on the off chance that you don’t have a printer by any means, don’t stress. CocoFax is going to offer you the highlights of a top of the line fax framework that is fit for sending and getting faxes. Furthermore, you needn’t bother with a printer or a fax machine for that. 

CocoFax is one of the greatest online free fax specialist co-ops in the market. It can do everything from sending a fax from your PC to sending a fax even from a telephone. Furthermore, it permits you to do this from multiple points of view, in light of your comfort.

Prerequisites for Fax over Web through CocoFax

A Gadget that interfaces with the web 

You can do this from both-a PC and wireless. All you need is an internet browser and web association on the gadget. 

CocoFax Account

You should get a CocoFax account. CocoFax will interpret the data from your PC or wireless to something a fax machine would peruse. You can give it a shot for nothing for a multi-day time span. 

Fax Number 

You will require a fax number regardless of which conceivable technique you use for sending a fax. In any case, you can get a free fax number when you get a CocoFax account. Actually, CocoFax even lets you pick your own fax number. 

As should be obvious there is no speculation on any equipment of any sort. Subsequently, this is the perfect strategy to follow. Presently let us experience the means to fax on the web.

CocoFax Official Website:

The most effective method to Send and Get Fax Online from Computer

Sending Fax on Computer

Stage 1: Get a CocoFax account. You can choose a 30-day free preliminary on the off chance that you need to attempt it before you get it. You will likewise get a fax number of your decision.

Stage 2: Prepare the records that you wish to fax. On the off chance that you have a printed copy of the records, you can get them through the report feeder of your printer and sweep every last one of them. Ensure you spare the filtered duplicates on your PC or cell phone. 

Something else, any record saved money on your PC or even your cloud drive would do. 

Stage 3: Open the internet browser of your gadget and login to your CocoFax account. You will be taken to your dashboard. 

You can see a ‘Send Fax’ button on the edge of your dashboard. The Send Fax popup will open. 

In the ‘To’ field, you should place in the fax number of the beneficiary who will get the faxes. You can include the subject too for the fax. It will show up as a note on the primary page when the beneficiary gets the fax. 

You can add a spread page to the fax in the field. It will be the primary page of the fax. What’s more, for the most significant part, you can transfer the archive that you examined which should have been faxed. 

Stage 4: Snap-on the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will dial the recipient’s fax machine. When the fax is effective, you will get an email in your enrolled email ID affirming the transmission. On the off chance that the fax is not effective, you will even now get an email telling about the bombed endeavour alongside the timestamps. 

**Generally, faxes are not effective if the recipient’s fax machine is occupied, it is killed, or if the fax number is not right. Hypothetically, there will be no deficiency at CocoFax end.

Receiving a Fax on Computer

Accepting fax is much easier than sending it. When you have enrolled the record with CocoFax (as referenced in the past area), you should do nothing by any means. CocoFax will naturally gather the faxes that you get and show them in your inbox of the CocoFax dashboard. You can sign into your dashboard to see the got faxes. 

That, however, you will likewise get the faxes in your email ID. The fax archive will be included as a connection. 

When you open the fax record on your gadget, you can print the ones that you like. It is as simple as that! 

Benefits of CocoFax

  1. Convenience 

You are not kept to your office to send and get faxes. With CocoFax, you can utilize your cellphone to send a fax to any event, when you are going for a stroll in the recreation center. You never again need to remain near to your fax machine for faxing. 

  1. Investment funds 

On the off chance that you ascertain the expense of owning a fax machine in your mind, the net entirety will disillusion you. There isn’t just the expense of the machine yet, in addition, the expense of ink, paper, and normal support (not to overlook the exertion it takes to get a telephone association and fax number). 

CocoFax kills these expenses by offering a to the point fax arrangement with a modest month to month membership. 

  1. Dependability 

Dependability is a need for organizations that need a fax answer for handling their expert interchanges. CocoFax scores high right now. You won’t be feeling the loss of any faxes and there will be no server drawbacks on CocoFax end. 

  1. Getting Faxes 24×7 

With a fax machine, you needed to keep it turned on when you were anticipating fax. In any case, CocoFax gets your faxes constantly, regardless of whether your gadgets are turned on or off. 

There are, obviously, numerous different points of interest in utilizing CocoFax. In any case, it is ideal to investigate the rest through the free preliminary that CocoFax offers.


In case you need a direct, feasible, and generally excellent quality method, CocoFax is the best for it. Benefit the best answer for the 30days time for testing from the greatest online answer for completing your day-by-day office work prerequisites. Utilize the best electronic fax administration to feel the flavor of custom with innovation.


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