Sea of Solitude | A Fight Against Lonliness 2020

Sea Of Solitude is an exciting, thrilling and adventurous game developed by JO-MEI and published by EA-Originals. It is a game of a place full of water.

Main Solitude Character “Kay”

Kay (you play the game as Kay) is the main character of the game. She is young, energetic but lonely in this flooded place with a monster shape. She has black fur and glowing red eyes that glorifies its monstrous character.

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She is not the only monster around. There are also multiple frightening larger monsters around her that are behind her. It includes sea creatures that will try to eat her if she tries to swim more than a particular time and also a vicious monster doing verbal abuse and mental torture.

Kay wants to discover herself why she is looking like this. She will try to become human again by doing different tasks to get rid of this monstrous look.

As Kay moves to different places you get amused to see different beautiful places used to gain the interest of the user’s attention and to increase the joy of the game. It feels excited as you explore more and more places.

Sea of Solitude Launch Trailer


Sea of Solitude Game Play

Flare lights have also been used in a creative way to give hints, directions or pathways. It seems really delightful. She travels by boat, sometimes on foot and occasionally through swimming depending on the circumstances and risk. The boat is like a refuge for you from monsters. Sailing is also very convenient as the use of the boat is quite easy.

sea of solitude boat

Sea of Solitude Game’s Mission

Kay task is to get rid of corruption swarms that are distributed at different places of the world. As a result, she can shine a light for herself and for other frightening monsters.

Sometimes it becomes really challenging for her to reach to those corruption swarms but sometimes it becomes a very easy task for her as she just has to move towards those corruption swarms and just press the button. So, it’s a fun of hard and easy.

There are two monsters that will challenge you throughout the game one is a sea monster and the other is shelled monster girl that do verbal abuse.

One of the interesting things about the game is that developers have tried to attach the user emotionally through this game or give them some emotional touch. For example, the appearance of each monster is a symbol of some relation with Kay.

There are monsters that realize Kay with her brother, father, and ex-boyfriend. Maybe the developer wanted to add something new or wanted to have some feeling from users but for me, it seems quite interesting. Such things are rarely observed in games.

Kay not only avoids monsters but it also interacts with them. The fun part is that you listen to monster stories and by clearing corruptions swarms you actually help them in turning into humans again. Well, that’s the main mission that you want to achieve in different ways.

Sea of Solitude has different collectibles to find for which Kay hunt. For me, it was quite interesting to find out the messages in different bottles hanging in space. Each bottle looking the same but have a different kind of messages. These messages add to some extra challenges.

Hunting for these things is not the main mission or challenge but it is some fun stuff to do. When you are finding such messages you explore different places and get chances with different and pleasant environments present in-game.

You can also hunt for seagulls (the type of bird) and shoo them away. Actually, there is no reason for doing that. It does not help you in the mission either. One can argue that is is just pointless but one can also find it interesting in doing that.


Sea Of Solitude-Review

In my opinion, the game is really amusing and excited. It has some thrills. The mission is basically to become humans again in which you go through different stages.

Developers have used some beautiful creative ways to add some interesting stuff like flare lights. On the other hand, there are also few things which feel quite annoying for some persons like seagulls. One of the most admirable things about this game is the scenery, environment, and graphics that developers have put into it are quite interesting and captivating.

Sea Of Solitude PS4

sea of solitude ps4

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