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Top 3 Prank Calling Apps to download in 2020

It is 2020, and while prank calling unsuspecting victims with your buddies can be often humorous, it has also become harder to pull off.

The probability of Caller IDs being traced, leading to potential legal implications has made in a great deal of instances prank calling not worth doing. 

As our dependency on smartphones has increased throughout the years, companies have been developing new ways to improve prank calling by creating prank caller apps. Pranking Calls for Pc can be downloaded from Softwarestoic.

Here is a list of our recommended choices of 2020. 

Ownage Prank Calling App

If you’re a fan of listening to prank calls being done online you’ve probably at some point stumbled onto the Ownage Pranks youtube channel. Ownage Pranks regularly produces the funniest prank calls specifically targeting low rated businesses via Yelp.

But did you know they have an excellent Prank caller app which you can download this minute?

This free prank call app offers among the very best prerecordings, which will no doubt get a hilarious reaction out of your prank victims. 

Pre-Recordings are automated to send once you make a call, and all you have to do is tune in live and listen. Calls are then immediately recorded so you can listen again and share with friends. 

To choose a specific prank script make sure to browse their vast selection which are categorized under different headings, these include Neighbours, Family, Jobs & Workplace and many more.

So what exactly does a prank script entail and how are they funny? Here are some prerecording examples below:

‘Stay Away from My Girl’- A man named Tyronne has a serious problem and hilariously accuses your victim of trying to steal his ‘boo-boo’ and sleeping with her. 

‘Looking For A Job’- Abdu rings inquiring about a job description he found online only to insist he gets paid more and has eight weeks vacation time to visit his home country Egypt. 

Ownage Pranks ‘Speech Recognition Technology’ AI manages to send responses surprisingly effectively so unsuspecting individuals would never anticipate its prerecording on the line. 

Conversations flow well-making prank calls that much more realistic and convincing. 

How to make a prank call:

Step 1: Choose a prerecording from over 100 available

Step 2: Select the contact from your phone’s contacts list

Step 3: Call then tune in live

Phone Booth Free 2

Phone Booth Free 2 allows you to schedule a bogus call to your phone, making it seem you’re getting a real phone call. This versatile app can be used in many different ways and gives a realistic excuse to leave any awkward situation.

Leaving a boring work meeting or highschool reunion is easy when you schedule a fake prank call. Once you finish, you can give a legitimate excuse to leave any situation, no doubt fooling even the most suspicious minds. 

It can also be used as a funny prankster app as you’re able to select certain celebrities to call you, impressing gullible friends and just generally having harmless fun. Celebs include Michael Jordan, Rihanna, Ryan Gosling, the Queen and many more.

Arranging an incoming call is convenient and can be done on a moments notice, follow the steps below:

Step 1: 

Type in the fake caller name with a customized ringtone and background, ideally matching your iPhone settings to avoid suspicion.

Step 2: 

Schedule what time your imitation call will ring you.

Step 3: 

Wait patiently and answer the call, pretending to have a conversation with a real person on the line.

Should you happen to miss the phone call, you’ll receive a missed call notification, which makes the call appear even more authentic.

Funcalls- Best Voice Changer & Call Recording

If you’re planning to prank call your pals and even have a prank script readily prepared the only problem left could be your voice. Some people can convincingly change how they sound over the phone while others have a much harder time.

Enter Fun calls- Best Voice Changer & Call Recording. This voice shifting app will let to modify your voice during a phone call with additional background audio effects for added comedic effect.

Unlike similar voice changing apps downloadable today, prank calls don’t need to be prerecorded and altered beforehand as they can be changed in real-time. 

The app provides a multitude of sound alterations readily available, including high pitched voices and low pitched voices. High voices are ‘Helium balloon’, and ‘Funny sound’ and low voices are ‘Man noise’ and ‘Scary sound’.

Additional background sound effects such as Cow moos, Cat meows, farts, and a dog barking are also included.

Before making a prank call, you may want to hear how your voice sounds beforehand. The app provides a demo function where you can do a test run to hear how you sound so that you can choose the best voice modification for your prank call. 

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