Parental Control Apps To Monitor Children

Top 7 Parental Control Apps To Monitor Children

Almost every parent has a smartphone or tablet, and there are chances that your child would also have one. However, possibly there are doubts in your mind that your child is still younger to take responsibility, regarding of all the stuff people do with their handsets and tablets, including sharing their location, photos, and videos, reaching out to other people, posting to social media, and downloading and using applications.

A bit of maturity is needed to firmly and safely handle all the things you can do with phones and tablets, and your child is not yet old enough to handle all that. And at this point, family orbit and other parental control apps get in the picture. These let the parents take the responsibility to manage in a way that your child can enjoy his/her device under the careful supervision of his parents.

Below are some of the great parental control applications that parents can use to monitor children’s activity when they are out in some parties or hanging out with friends.


FamilyOrbits is one of the best parental control apps that lets you monitor all of your child’s activities, including the real-time location through the map. Within just three steps from installing to completely functional app, It is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, visit the website here. It lets you monitor almost everything, phonebook to website history to messaging apps to call records that mean you have a complete over your children with a peace of mind.


For not only parents but also for the business owners, SpyZie is a phone tracking solution to monitor their children or workers. After a simple set up process, parents or business owners will be able to extract information from the target Android smartphone or tablet when they are utilizing to monitor an android device. Also, if you have connected to the internet, you can remotely watch the monitored data from any of our handsets, tablets, PCs, or computers.

Monqi Phone

If you want an all-in-one solution, Monqi is perfect for you. You just need a smartphone or tablet to get the controls built into the smartphone. For their handset, parents just need to download a control app and track location, determine time limits, restrict applications as well as search activity reports remotely on the Monqi device. Parents can get an excellent level of control at the particular app usage time as well as at the internet access level. 


Qustodio is available to install on different software on each of your devices, including Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, and Kindle. After the parents can set limits after it extracts the data in easy to read dashboard, it lets the parents set geographical restrictions, gives you the ability to location track your child as well as from a limit list, you can block particular apps. But it does not include game consoles for this reason that children can utilize those consoles to get themselves out of the loop to play for some additional time.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is considered one of the oldest players in the monitoring solutions in this industry. Their solutions are compatible with multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Kindle, computers. They got a fast application with a lot of monitoring functionalities, including Adult content blockage and blocking other websites that are distracting the kid, under one app. Moreover, parents can also limit the kids using the smartphone through this.


Kaspersky, a reputed company in providing computer and mobile security solutions for a long time, they also offer a parental controlling app called SafeKids. This app got two versions, one is free, and the other one is paid, in free versions, parents can use the basics, controlling the usage of the apps, filtering content, and set the time limits for the phone usage for the kids. If you opt for the paid version, then you’d be able to track the live location of your kid through the map, you can get real-time alerts that can monitor the social media accounts as well. It doesn’t cost much when you are serious about your kid’s security and what they are doing on their devices when they are out or even in the home.

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