The 6 Reasons You Need OSU Tablet – 2020 Updated

Are you into playing OSU? Well, a lot of people are riding on the same train. The game is fast-paced and many people are falling in love with it. Trying it out maybe the best thing to happen in your gaming life. 

As you might already know, playing any game requires having the right tools. One of the things you need is an OSU tablet. But is it a wise investment or you are being extravagant? 

If you are asking this question about the OSU tablet, then you came to the right place. This post will be sharing reasons why you need an OSU tablet. If you need some shove and push to make a purchase, this is the place you should be. 

Why you need OSU tablet

  • Accuracy: One you get into the game, you will notice that dominating it is something you will need. However, your mouse and keyboard may not give you that. That is exactly where OSU tablets will save your day at gaming. 
  • Better movement: A tablet also helps you refine your hand movements and that is something you need to enjoy every bit of the game. If you are not feeling comfortable playing the game, you are not going to be at it for a long time. 
  • Competitive edge: OSU tablets are graphically suited for the game. With them, you get better odds to beat your competition. You also get a chance to scale up the leaderboards effortlessly. 
  • Generous hover distance: the detectable range of your stylus pen plays a crucial role to the convenience of your game. OSU tablets make sure you get adequate hover distance. You get 14mm so that you will not be dragging the pen to get the cursor where you want it. 
  • Convenience to play anywhere anytime: you should not be restricted where you play. The tablet is slim and portable. You can take it everywhere with you. That is a convenience you will not get from a computer or your laptop. 
  • Zero cursor delay: The pen pressure is optimum and gives you an instant response when you press the pen. 

Do you now see why you should have invested in the OSU tablet a long time ago? Go ahead and get yourself a tablet to add spice to your gaming time. 

Considerations before you buy OSU tablets

Now that you have decided to buy an OSU tablet, there are a few considerations you should make. Keep reading to learn more;

  • Compatibility with OS

You should ask yourself if the tablet is compatible with the OS you are using. You do not want to get the device and go back to look for another OS. Everything you want is to get the tablet and be ready to play. 

  • Stylus pen

You will need a stylus pen to make your maneuvers in the play area. The pen should be ergonomic and comfortable as you make every move. A good feature for the pen should be a firm grip. The button should also easily help you switch from an eraser and pen. We are also passionate about gaming and we hate it when the pen battery dies in the middle of the game. Lucky for you, there are pens that do not require charging. That is something you should emphasize on as you make your purchase. 

  • Active working space

There are tablets in all ranges of sizes. Some are wide while others are small. The key thing you should insist here is the active working space. How much do you want for your active space? Wide space means a larger and weighty tablet, while a smaller active area gives you a lightweight tablet. You need something you can easily carry with your laptop. 

  • Resolution and the pen’s pressure

High resolution is a must-have for the best OSU gaming experience. It also goes hand in hand with the pen’s pressure. A pair of those two improves the quality of your gameplay and the sensitivity of the play area. Anything at or above 14mm of reading means you will not be dragging the stylus to get a crushing beat. You simply hove your pen on the target area and the cursor goes to the position pointed by the pen. 


It is not about whether you should have an OSU tablet or not. Every OSU players need a tablet. You have seen convincing reasons why you should get one for your experience. On top of improving your gaming experience significantly, you also get a chance to play wherever you go. A tablet is extremely portable and your gaming time is not limited to any location. It is about time you get out into the market and search for what works for you. Make sure you have the considerations we have discussed on top of your mind when you make a purchase. 

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