Online Casinos & Online Gambling:  Trends that will define 2021

The online casino’s popularity is growing every day with more features from online gambling trends in the last few years. The result of the rapid progress has attracted the attention of mass gamblers in Portugal to gamble through sites like casino online Solverde. The revenue of the online gambling industry is estimated to grow further-reaching $1 trillion before the end of 2021. Its progressive growth and impacts are gradually changing the gaming industry, as gamblers and gamers are expecting more improvement.

According to the opinion of Martim Nabeiro, our expert in guest post topics here, the below online gambling trends of 2021 have already started making a remarkable breakthrough that will move the industry forward.

  • Increased population in Mobile gambling

Instead of utilizing other alternatives or playing in land-based casinos. Gamblers have found it a lucrative way of enjoying mobile casino benefits by playing online through mobile devices. Almost everybody in Portugal makes use of smartphones nowadays. So, the online gambling industry has used these services to its advantage in providing mobile-friendly platforms to improve the experience of gamblers.

Since the effects of covid 19 affected both businesses and lives of everyone in the world. The number of people gambling through mobile devices has increased rapidly. And it’s estimated to grow further before the end of 2021. Live casinos are known to be utilizing the feature of HTML5 technology to provide improved graphics of casino games on mobile devices. Most online gambling sites develop mobile apps that will walk flawlessly on smartphones to stay close with gamblers, as well as giving them a fast alternative for enjoying a fast usage of their services.

  • Virtual Reality in Casino Games (VR)

The implementation of online casino games has been trending since 2020 and it’s estimated to make a huge change in the development of online casino games in 2021. The use of this technology in the online casino industry is progressing every day, with a unique sign of creating a remarkable breakthrough in the future. At the rate at which this technology is gaining popularity, there’s doubt that all the casinos in Portugal will embrace it in the future.

Virtual reality in online casino games gives gamblers the ability to enjoy the real-life gambling experience. Just many gamblers prefer to gamble on land-based casinos because of the amazing atmosphere, the virtual reality technology gives you the full experience of playing with gamblers in a real casino environment.

  • Blockchain Network Implementation (Cryptocurrency)

The implementation of a blockchain network in the new gambling market has been going on since 2020. And have provided a lot of benefits to online gamblers in Portugal with fast management of funds. The implementation of blockchain technology in the online casino industry has equipped Portuguese gamblers with the ability to play with cryptocurrency.

The popularity of Bitcoin has continued to create havoc in the digital currency world. Every gambler is eager to play on any casino with the amazing features of the blockchain network. Players will have the opportunity of playing with their desired cryptocurrency and not limited to only Bitcoin. And the implementation of blockchain technology will give the Portuguese adequate anonymity and security when gambling. 

You don’t even have to wait for days before you can withdraw your days, as the transaction will be processed in minutes. Blockchain technology in online gambling will eliminate all the issues associated with payment methods.

  • E-Sports Betting

It’s without a doubt that Esports is making an amazing breakthrough in the online gambling industry. With tons of opportunities for gamblers in Portugal to have fun and make money. More and more gamblers are starting to utilize the services of e-sports betting every day. You don’t have to visit a land-based casino or betting shops to enjoy this amazing game because your smartphone is enough for maximizing your experience with e-sports betting.


Online casinos and online gambling continue to grow in popularity with the strategy of providing Portuguese gamblers exactly what they need.

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