Onboard Entertainment and Bus Wi-Fi Systems: What You Should Know

If you are in the transportation business, you already know how important it is to invest in a good entertainment system and interneOnboard Entertainment and Bus Wi-Fi Systems: What You Should Knowt connectivity for your passengers. Long distance travel can be boring if people have to just stare out the window. Internet connectivity allows people to work, socialize, and stay entertained on the go.

For you to set up a functional entertainment system in your buses or coaches, you need a lot of information or guidance from fleet solution experts. Fortunately, this article sheds more light on onboard entertainment and bus Wi-Fi systems.

Choosing the Best Bus Entertainment and Wi-Fi Systems

Before installing these fleet solutions, you need to take time and choose the best. Today, you can easily find amazing solution providers such as Eyeride, who stocks bus Wi-Fi routers, tablets, TVs, and other entertainment devices. They also install the systems for you and ensure that they are working perfectly. But before buying, look for the following features.

  •   TV that can stream content via cellular internet connectivity
  •   Durable headrest tablets since they will be handled by different people
  •   Commercial Wi-Fi routers that can connect many people at once
  •   A reliable internet provider with unlimited data
  •   Power-saving ability to allow clients to be connected at all times

Installing Bus Entertainment and Wi-Fi Systems

The installation process is the most crucial, and it determines how efficiently things will work. Reliable solution providers should conduct the installation work from the beginning to the end.

The work begins by adding a source of power, which is usually an extra battery that is connected to the engine for charging. A DC to AC alternator is used to create a source of power. After this, cellular internet receivers, routers, TVs, and headrest tablets can now be installed and powered. Extra power points are also installed for passengers to plug in their devices.

Configuration of Bus Entertainment and Wi-Fi Systems

After a successful installation, a proper configuration is very essential. This is also done by experts. First, the routers are configured to provide internet access to all the devices. For TVs and tablets, the fleet company will need to subscribe to some online channels or streaming services with content like sports, movies, cartoons, games, and many other choices. Tablets should also have a browser and popular social media apps.

When the passengers board, it is the obligation of the crew to tune the TV to an appropriate channel. They should also have a quick guide on how to use the entertainment system and get connected to the Wi-Fi. But the best plan is to have some written guidelines next to the tablets. The Wi-Fi username and password should also be shared with the passengers.


With your onboard entertainment and bus Wi-Fi system set up, you have to make sure that it is completely functional. Keep updating it over time by adding new features, updating the antivirus, and replacing faulty devices. If need be, increase the bandwidth of your internet connectivity to suit your passengers’ needs. With this, your buses and coaches will be ready to provide the best services in your region.


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