Learning the Quran in the Modern Age

Learning the Quran in the Modern Age

Allah says about the Quran in the holy book o Quran in Surah Al-Baqrah, verse no 2, (Here is the book (The Quran), in which there is no doubt, a guidance for those who keep fear (Al-Mutaqon) and love Allah much.’ This verse establishes the status of the Quran as the guider for Muslims.

Moreover, Allah says in the Quran that this is the true book.

It is obligatory for us to get the knowledge of the Quran as a Muslim. Learn Quran online offers us to take benefits by learning the Quran online. Due to multiple advantages, it became a popular way to learn the Quran. Different online Quran academy offers online classes of Quran

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When did the online learning of the Quran start?

We are aware of the fruits of science and technology in our life. Information technology has made our life thoroughly turned. The internet is playing a significant role in our life. When the invention of the internet announced, experts started their research on how to use the internet for the welfare of humankind. After a lot of research, they developed different ways to be, which we are getting benefits today.

The discussion started on how to use the internet for the education field. The use of the internet for the Quran is one such example of this work.

People are using the internet to take classes online on the education of the Quran. There are satisfied with the services.

The familiarity of online classes of the Quran

There are several facts that make the online classes of the Quran prominent.

Promoting excellent way of learning

With the introduction of online classes of the Quran, it has admitted that it would promote the fine ways of learning without stress; for example, it provides an opportunity to take benefit from the suitable manipulation of the flexible class schedules. It is up to us the selection of schedule. Due to the facility of best manipulation of the timetable, we are currently seeing a rise in the number of adult students.

We are free to take the online classes from our home or office where we are present. Definitely, it saves us from the difficulty of a long journey to class through the overcrowded bus. There are several other benefits of taking classes online from the comfort of your home or office.

In the traditional system, there are a large number of students learning the Quran. It often becomes painful for the teacher to pay attention to the learning of every child, but it is the fruits of online classes of the Quran that teacher pays equal attention to the learning of every child.

It is easy to take the online class of Quran

One of the challenging acts is online registration for any online process. We see a rise in the ratio of complaints about the online process of registration.

If one is doing the online registration, he should make himself prepared for the filing of some secrets information, but the question, which comes in our mind that how can we file our private information in the vulnerable process. Moreover, we see thousands of online cyber-crime cases daily.  

On the other hand, this process is smooth and full of ease for the learning of the Quran. If one is dong the online registration for online classes of the Quran, he or she has no need to file the secret information. Just the name and some other common details are enough. After this process, you need to select the days of trial classes.

Enhancement of learning

The online system of Quran learning is not the forum that promotes learning, but it also supports the process through which we can enhance the learning. The first example we can take in this regard is the Interactive session. The inclusion of interactive sessions in the schedule of the classes enhances the capacity to learn.

The second example in this regard is reducing stress levels. The stress becomes the major hurdle in the way of learning. It promotes easiness in the learning process. Resultantly, it puts profound impacts on the learning process.

Leaning of the Quran through online classes and the learning of the Quran through the traditional method

The traditional system is the system of learning the Quran through mosques and seminaries. Generally, a male teacher is there to facilitate a large class of students, while the online system of education of the Quran is the innovative and modern way of learning the Quran through the internet.

Online Quran learning is the best system, which lets us learn the holy book of the Quran through the internet without leaving the place. Due to the fewer number of students, each individual student can quickly get benefit from the attention of the teachers. While in the traditional system, the attention of the teacher divides into the class of 60 to 70 students. Resultantly, the learning caliber cannot play their part in the learning of the Quran.


Learn Quran online is the process which allows us to learn the Quran through the comforts of your home. We should learn the Quran ad try to reach the depth of its knowledge.

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Learn Quran online is the forum that offers leaning of the Quran through online classes. In simple words, information technology has made it easy for this purpose.


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