How to Extract Kratom?

What are the options of kratom extraction?

Kratom extraction can be done in different ways according to user demand and need. Kratom can be extracted to obtain kratom in a more enhanced form. Kratom alkaloids are set aside from the leaves and consumed in a form other than kratom powder or leaves. 

Kratom powder is further modified to obtain chemical compounds from it. This form is said to be artificial but the intensity of alkaloids is higher. 

Kratom extracts are available in a different strain. So, you first need to select your desired strain in the form of powder. 

After that, you can make this extract at home. The most common form of kratom extract is a water-based extract which is runny in texture and easy to make and intake. But you must be well aware of the procedure of making water-based kratom extract at home. You can also buy kratom locally easily.

How to Extract Kratom? 1

Can a person make water-based kratom extract at home and how?

Yes, a person can easily make water-based kratom extracts at home with the richness of alkaloids. 

The process is simple, you need basic ingredients such as:

  • Fine kratom powder 200 mg
  • Water
  • Grinder
  • Pan
  • Strainer
  • Lemon juice
  • Dish

Firstly, grab 200 mg of kratom powder in any strain of your choice. Grind it more finely to ignore the pieces. After grinding, add a good quantity of water in it and stir it well until well dissolved. 

Now your solution is ready, put this liquid solution in a pan and heat it on flame and boil while stirring continuously for an even mixture. 

Boil it for 20 to 30 minutes and you will get a good mixture of alkaloids. Now, hold a strainer and strain this remaining mixture. 

After that, you need to boil this mixture again and you can add some lemon juice to it for good aroma and taste. Re-boil it for another 20 to 30 minutes and then strain it properly.

Now put and spread this boiled mixture in dish carefully. Leave it for 2 to 3 days for the excess water to be evaporated. Then you will get a thick gum type material.

This material can be used to make capsules or use in your own way. 

This extract is more powerful than any other because it only demands a little amount of extract to measure the effects.  


What are liquid-based kratom extracts?

Water-based extracts and liquid-based extracts are not the same, both are different from each other. Water-based extracts have a thick texture like semi-solid but liquid extracts are in liquid form which is runny in its consistency. 

These liquid-based extracts are commonly known as tinctures. This type of extract is not as common as water-based extracts are. 


What are kratom resin extracts?

Resin kratom extracts are also thick in consistency like water-based with the maximum quantity of alkaloids. 

A resin extract can be added up to alcohol in making. If you will make it with alcohol then the process will be the same as water-based only water is replaced with the alcohol in it. 

These extracts have more stimulating and euphoric effects.


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