5 Ways how bitcoin transformed international trade?

The arrival of Bitcoin (BTC) has changed how international trade is conducted. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the standards set in place for decades. Unfortunately, international trades involve a lot of money and time, which is why banks and financial institutions like Western Union exist to hasten the process while charging exorbitant fees on top of it.

There have been instances where the banks involved in the processes have shut down accounts of organizations that deal with cryptocurrencies without prior notice, forcing them to look for other alternatives. 

The cryptocurrency market has gotten rid of most of these problems. It is decentralized and operates 24/7, which means that once an individual sends out their coins, there are no authorities that can interfere and disturb the process.

Digital assets like Bitcoin operate with a peer-to-peer system without any censorship, fraud, or interference from any authorities. This means that anyone in the world can transact as long as they have an internet connection and a cryptocurrency wallet for their digital assets.

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How Bitcoin transformed international trades?


  1. Instantaneous Transactions

This is the most significant change Bitcoin has brought to the international market. There was a time when it took days or weeks for money to be transferred across borders, thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which compresses this process down to minutes. Furthermore, all of this is done with minimal fees attached to each transaction. Check out bitcoin technology for more information.

  1. Lesser Transaction Fees

This is the second advantage that Bitcoin has brought in for international trade. However, most of them feel it in their pockets when they transfer money or make transactions on a day-to-day basis, and these charges add up over time. 

In addition, many people are not aware that banks take a set percentage of the transfer amount as charges; however, with Bitcoin, this has been done away with. As a result, the fees involved in the process have been considerably reduced, which is why many individuals and organizations prefer to transact using cryptocurrencies other than fiat currencies.

  1. Increased Transparency

Bitcoin transactions are transparent and cannot be modified; traders and individuals can track their transactions and feel secure that no fraud is involved. This makes Bitcoin an excellent tool for cross-border trade as both parties can confirm the transaction once it has been initiated. 

Traditional banks will not offer such transparency. They may only give insight into most of the processes, but cryptocurrency wallets offer every bit of information about the transactions.

  1. Instant Settlements

Another advantage that cryptocurrency has brought for businesses and traders is the instant settlement of funds. Unfortunately, banks often take days to transfer money across borders after a set time limit has been passed, which means there will always be a delay in international trades due to regulations. 

However, it creates many problems for businesses that need overseas employees to be paid on time. Traders also face the same problem when getting their payments settled immediately.

  1. Elimination Of Third Parties

Third parties like banks and other financial institutions were perhaps one of the biggest hurdles in international trades because they took an excessive amount in charges and created many problems in the process. Bitcoin eliminated these middlemen and made it possible for people to send their digital assets across borders without relying on anyone else’s services or networks.

  • Money could be sent anywhere in the world via Bitcoin, eliminating bank holidays and transaction fees.
  • The money would arrive in the other party’s account within hours. This was much faster than everything available before.
  • Transactions are irreversible due to blockchain technology. No one could take away your money once it has been transacted, making it a secure option compared to what traditional banks offer. The top priority for people in securing their money, and Bitcoin was the perfect option for them.
  • “Bank” Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

Over twelve months, Blockchain technology has revolutionized international trade by taking out international transaction fees and bank holidays. In addition, this incredible technology now provides an opportunity for individuals to take control of their own money without having to rely on third-party financial institutions or banks. 

With a little bit of research and knowledge, individuals can now open a cryptocurrency wallet and “bank” their money in a secure environment that is not prone to frauds or scams.


In the past twelve months, Blockchain technology has been utilized by international traders and individuals who have been looking to take control of their money. In addition, this technology has done away with international transaction fees and bank holidays, making it incredibly popular among many people who were tired of dealing with traditional banks. 

With digital currencies like Bitcoins, individuals now have an opportunity to “bank” their money safely and securely, as there is no way for third parties to take away the money once it has been transacted.

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