How to Remotely Spy

How to Remotely Spy on Someone’s Phone without Access to Target Phone?

Modern technology has made communication easier and faster. You can send and receive all types of media to another corner of the world with a click. Easy access to a lot of stuff is potential after the breakthrough advancements in technology. 

This is also worrying for parents as they can’t track their kids’ activities. People in relationships are getting suspicious about their spouse if she is glued to her phone round the clock. It becomes impossible to monitor your loved ones if you don’t have coding expertise.

Well, we have got a solution to your doubts. You don’t need to waste money by hiring a detective. Many spying applications are available in the markets which are available at economical prices. You can get a portable spy agent rather than relying on a mediator. 

The requirement for spyware is comprehended by guardians and spouses to watch out their loved ones. Bosses have an easier way to check what their staff converse about management. This article is all about spying solutions and their effective usage.

Spy on Someone’s Phone Remotely

You would be glad to know that remote spying is possible with the latest spyware. You can track the social activities of your loved ones by tracking their real-time location with spy applications. You can also access their mobile phones remotely to monitor their conduct.

Using monitoring apps does not involve rocket science. You don’t have to learn complex programming methodologies to spy over anyone’s mobile phone. Read this guide to get acquainted with modern spyware and the process of getting started with them.

Cocospy, a Remote cell Phone Spy Software

Cocospy is being used worldwide by millions of satisfied customers as Cocospy solution incorporates a user-oriented graphical interface. It has an intuitive design to help novices understand its working without learning any technical skills for spying over smartphones.

Featured by top-notch media outlets including Toms Guide, PCMag, Life wire, Forbes and CNET, Cocospy is leading the best spying applications in the world. It is a reliable solution to all your spying problems which comes up with 100% working features.

Cocospy is designed to provide identity confidentiality to users so that target mobile owners can’t trace who is spying over them. Your data isn’t saved to the Cocospy database so there is no chance of information theft. Developers aren’t even allowed to access your personal details.

How to Remotely Spy

A Step-by-step Guide to use Cocospy

You can use Cocospy to spy on a cell phone without installing software. It is an easy-to-use application that removes the chores of learning hacking techniques. Follow the below-mentioned steps to begin remote spying with Cocospy.

Step 1: Register your Account

Open the official website of Cocospy and hit the Signup button to create an account. If you are planning to create a Cocospy account, later on, a live demo is available for you to assess Cocospy services.

Step 2: Select Device

At this step, you would be asked to select the target device type you want to spy over. Check the target mobile phone type before signing up with Cocospy. You can select Android or iPhone from the device selection drop-down to begin Cocospy installation.

Step 3: Finish Installation

Click the Finish button to close the installation wizard. Afterward, you can use your Cocospy login credentials to access the data of the target device without touching it.

Step 4: Open Dashboard

Open the Cocospy dashboard as it is the place where all the monitored data is kept. You can view all kinds of text and multimedia files from the Cocospy dashboard without being traced. All web-browsers support Cocospy so the plug-in is not a prerequisite to use Cocospy. 

Root-free monitoring solution by Cocospy

Cocospy is developed by keeping the modern security measures in mind. As everyone is not equipped with hacking techniques so jailbreaking target devices is an impossible task for beginners. Cocospy helps you to spy over mobile phones without resetting them.

Cocospy is a root-free spying solution which helps you to monitor any operating system easily. Jailbreaking a device for spying over it was a thing of older days. Cocospy relieves the user from the hassles of root/jailbreak as it works just like other mobile phone apps.

  • Cocospy for Android Smartphones

The android-based solution of Cocospy is less than 2MB. But, you have to access the device once for installing Cocospy. It hardly takes 2 minutes to install Cocospy on Android-based systems and get the data remotely using the web based dashboard of Cocospy.

Once installed, the Cocospy logo disappears from the target device. The owner of the target device won’t be able to find it in the installed applications list. The Cocospy logo could be viewed with a secret code that could not be cracked easily.

  • Cocospy for iPhones

Spying over iOS devices is a lot easier than that of Android mobile phones. All you get is the iCloud credentials of the target mobile phone. Verify iCloud id and password to install Cocospy remotely on any iOS device.

iPhone monitoring is completely remote with Cocospy so that the target user remains unaware of your spying practices. You can uninstall the application remotely by clicking on the Uninstall button from the dashboard. Cocospy is a secret application that does not generate notifications. 

What does Cocospy offer?

The utilities Cocospy brings for spying over someone remotely are more than 35 in number. However, we will talk about a couple of them in this article:

  • Geo-Fence alerts

The Geofence alerts of Cocospy are there to help you mark the virtual border on the map. If the monitored device leaves or enters the specified boundary, you will get alerts for real-time location tracking. This will help you to check the current GPS location of your loved ones.


  • Track Text Messages and Calls

Cocospy offers you to read their messages stealthily. Even if they delete the conversations, Cocospy still holds the backup plan for you. You can also check their most dialed numbers, call duration, time and date of call with the help of Cocospy. 


  • Preview Browser History

You can track the most visited URLs from the web browser of the monitored device. You can block unsafe sites so that your kids are safe from malicious attacks. Moreover, bosses can also check whether their employees are using the company resourced for personal gain or not.


  • Keylogger

Keylogger maintains a record of all keystrokes made on the target mobile phone. This includes their sent and modified messages, password and other content. You can save your loved ones from cyberbullying by restricting offensive words from the Cocospy dashboard.


  • Track Social Media Accounts

Cocospy allows you to track all social media accounts running on monitored devices without accessing their password. Click on any application tab from the Cocospy dashboard to preview account activities as well as their conversation remotely.


The best spying application works secretly by keeping your identity confidential. Cocospy is the finest choice when you are confused about what to choose from a long list of suggested applications. You can use Cocospy to keep an eye on a mobile phone without having it to monitor your loved ones remotely. 

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