How to create a decision tree for the business contact center?

If any of the businesses or companies want to be successful in their field, they have to keep different things regarding their customer in mind. The first thing will be the call center where the customer can call them in case they have any doubt related to their product or service. So the company has to make their cumulative decision tree that will help to know which person to contact for which type of decision. For this also, the market has come up with the advanced technology of the Decision tree generator that will help the managers and the customer service agents to make the operations grow faster. 

The decision tree is like a workflow that illustrates the data in the flow chart step wise. This will represent that how each decision can lead taken by one or the other person can put an affect. This information is very much helpful for the contact services agents as they know which person to be contacted at the time of which issue. It makes the overall work of the contact center agent easier. The decision trees of the company rely on the very important organizational data that generate great outcomes. The use of the decision trees tool is one of the most effective ways to put craft one to suit the current needs. According to the following steps the decision tree is made in the business contact center.

  • Start with the guidance root step: As the actual tree, it starts growing from its root. The same is the case with the decision tree, all the initial guidance regarding the tree should be provided in the guidance root step. This will help to know the companies background right from the starting and the queries can be handled accordingly.
  • Add user responses: The responses of the user play a very important role in decision tree making. As the responses will tell which all queries arise more frequently and how they can be resolved in the best possible way.
  • Every user response should be added with a direct node: The tree should be made in such a way that there should be a direct node to the user responsible for giving more clarity.
  • Every node should be further linked with a main module: It is very important to link the node with the module from where all the information is extracted. So that without any further delay the user is provided accurate information.

The creation of the decision tree can be simple yet comprehensive work. Once it is created properly, it will act as the decision-making tool that will help in handling both long-term and short-term organizational objectives. So each organization needs to have its decision tree as it provides a lot of benefits that are listed below:

  • Resolution at first call: The software of the decision tree is created in such a way that can be simply used by the customer service agent. It will help the agents to identify and get on the right track to solve all the queries of the customers. These decision tress helps in mapping out all the positive and the negative effects soon after some specific decision has been taken. It will equip the customer service agents that will help to resolve multiple queries at a time. This will ultimately increase the chances of the first–call resolution so that it can increase the satisfaction of the customer. In long run, this will promote the loyalty of the customer with the business.
  • Decreases call hold time: Earlier when the decision trees were not there, the calling in the contact centre was quite a lengthy process. As the gents used to keep on searching the right solution to the queries. But with the help of the decision tree, it will help the agents to locate the appropriate documents and the content that is used to resolve the query of the customer. This is how there is a decrease in the hold of the call. With the help of the decision tree, it will be very easy for the customer service agent to locate the customer’s query solution.
  • Faster resolutions: Yes, it is seen with the help of providing faster resolutions that will boost the productivity of the customer agents and the satisfaction of the customers. Every organization wants that customers should be satisfied with all the services. The customers will be freed with the fast services and the agents will be able to attend more calls. This will help in better customer service and also improves the productivity of the agents.
  • Detailed representation of data: It is seen that over a period, the use of decision trees has become so common because it represents the data in a very comprehensive way. The customer service agent doesn’t have to look here and there for different things to solve the query. All the information is stored in the decision tree that too in a very wide manner. The use of the decision tree will implement machine learnings along with AI that will help in driving sales and it will increase the brand affinity.
  • Reflects the impact on real world: The decision tree maker will assign all the values to the decision path, outcome, and problem. All the factors are considered such as profits, losses, and costs. It will provide all the financial consequences that will make it very easy to make the decision that will be equipped with all the accurate and right decisions that will meet up the business objectives.
  • The decision will be more logical: If the customer service agent is provided with all the right amount of information, it will help the person to give all the decisions that will be very logical. The proper track will be kept on the emotions that will prevent any sort of clouding of judgments. This will ensure that every customer is treated in the best possible way that too with the best decision.

In nutshell, it can be concluded that having a decision tree in the company will help the customer agents to provide all the right information required by the customers.

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