How corona is boosting online activities

Let’s go into flashback, Fifteen days back that morning when we were rushing for our offices, schools colleges or anywhere who would have thought that we would be bared into our houses like this… but after all the hue and cry we accept the reality of the mighty lockdown, and now we are binge-watching our favorite series that we always wanted to but could never make it sometimes due to work commitment and sometimes out of grogginess, and like us, the entire planet is into lockdown, people are doing the set same of activities what we are doing, and if not exact but something around it, amid all this, did we wonder that how are the internet activities booming??

This is something to ponder about sectors like online streaming they are experiencing a skyrocketing boom because of the latest shift into the routine of people, from live streaming to video games and online entertainment each of them is now enjoying their purple path. 

While WHO announced it to be the public emergency all the world economies are horrified about their first-quarter results but between all this not all the businesses are hurting, online gaming is most likely to be the prevalent beneficiaries of the corona hit mishap, Nomura analyst Jialong Shi observed that most of China’s existing bestseller gaming titles have seen a rush in playtime and in-game buying from the time of new year’s holiday, which was additionally driven by the release of new content by game operatives. 

If we talk about such as education in this wake of emergency education system might also wonder about building their cloud infrastructure. One of the Kerala based medical students resumed the medical classes online wherein the governments are also providing the extra bandwidth where people are likely to work and learn online amid the COVID -19 outbreak. This will cause the major to thrive in the online actives and online portals like Byjus and toppers might see an edge over other businesses in terms of revenue generation.

Recent studies in the US have also shown that Ecommerce activities, particularly related to health and groceries are flourishing in general, also according to a study amazon has observed a surge in search of products like hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps, etc. That’s more likely proving to be an advantage and challenge for the giants like amazon with the inventories being limited. 

Casinos are not other than the Online retail markets which are affected due to pandemic. Casinos in Goa and Sikkim are closed due to the lockdown situation to avoid the spread of the virus. Online casinos in India have reported a surge in online users. Games2Win is an online gambling platform that had around 1.2 billion online active users, but after the lockdown, this number went up to 1.5 billion and it is increasing.

Not amazon but Facebook and Instagram are experiencing well beyond traffic which is also confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg; he quoted that he and his team are on their toes to make sure things don’t meltdown for them. Also, they are news floating about increasing in Facebook and Instagram usage is up to forty percentage, WhatsApp being the topper with more than fifty percentage, also is Spain it said that WhatsApp usage jumped to seventy out of a hundred. People are tirelessly after Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp and multiple hashtags are trending and the topper amongst all is #stayhome which is also in the sticker form.

Let’s pray to the almighty that may all the businesses progress day and night, reach impeccable highs irrespective of offline and online but not because of a pandemic like this, let the rise of all the things be very supreme unlike now.

Let’s hope for the best, fingers crossed.


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