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HEIC image format is difficult to work with, basically, because it is a branded new type released for iOS devices and very few apps support this image format. This format is quite common to use and you can find the best HEIC converter that will fit your needs.

There is much software available to convert HEIC images to PNG, here we have found out some of them that work flawlessly.  These tools are reliable except for certain limits, so you don’t need to waste time downloading and trying them out one by one. In this HEIC to PNG converter review, you will get to know detail about HEIC and PNG formats.

HEIC is a container format that holds HEIF data, the default photo format for Apple iPhone and iPad. While, PNG is a raster graphics file format, which can be used as non-patented lossless data solidity. This image format also offers a variety of clearness options.

Normally, native software is best to use if you don’t want to send your HEIC files to an unknown server for conversion. If you are handling some sensitive content related to your line of work and you don’t want that work to go in the wrong hands then you can use a good HEIC to PNG and HEIC to JPG online free converter.


All converters are very easy and simple to use, you just have to follow some steps to convert your file. Firstly, select a HEIC file then you will see the “Convert” button to start uploading your file. Once the file is uploaded completely, the converter will redirect a web page to show the conversion result.



TunesBro HEIC Converter is one of the best applications to convert HEIC files on iOS devices. That’s why this app is placed in the first position, as iOS 12 become the mainstream nowadays. The built-in engine of this app uses a very complex algorithm that is adaptable enough to bring down the limitations on HEIC files. This HEIC Converter application can convert HEIC image to PNG image with great quality.

In addition, this app can easily work perfectly on the latest Windows and Mac platforms. Secondly, this app has a great benefit that allows you to control the output format as well as the quality of converted images.


  • This app has great output quality with slight data loss.
  • This can easily convert 100+ photos at a time with batch conversion mode.
  • This app is available for free and has excellent customer support.
  • This app has a very clear user interface.


Aiseesoft HEIC Converter is also the most accessible tools to handle HEIC photos; this software can process images from any Apple device and convert it to PNG with ease. This software is very versatile and is capable of working on both Windows and Mac’s operating systems. This app needs to be installed first once it’s installed the user is allowed to perform the conversion process with a single click. The most important feature in this converter is that it is very easy to use and has many powerful capabilities.


  • This app is very simple to use
  • Once you install this free app you have to just upload HEIC image and convert it into PNG format.
  • This app has many output qualities and very powerful capabilities.


Overall, it is not hard to find a solution to convert HEIC image but the challenging part is how to get the best one with a user-friendly interface. In this HEIC to PNG converter review, we have mentioned the best two apps that are very easy to handle.

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