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7 GPS apps you should try before buying your electric bike 2020

Those days of riding an electric bike without a tracking device have now gone. Today is the time of apps and smartphones that give us the liberty to record our workout time. Cycling apps measure distance, speed and evaluate the performance. These apps track your route on the maps.

People are becoming health conscious and no doubt riding an electric bike is also helpful when you are on the roads. While it helps meet a lot of your other demands as well, you can’t overlook the advantages this bike can have on your health.

Riding on an electric bike is quite accessible, but to make your ride more fun and apt, you would need GPS apps that track your movement and also brings you back home, no matter where you decide to take your bike. Wondering which app to download from the play store or Apple store? Then check out this list that includes promising GPS apps that are bound to keep you safe.

  1. Strava 

Now that electric bikes have USB port embedded in them, you can charge your phone while also operating its GPS so you can have a peaceful ride on your bike. Speaking of this app, it is one of the most popular ones available at this time.

This app allows you to track distance, speed and also evaluates your progress. It also has statistics that you can compare with your friends. The data collected is really helpful and it lets you compete with your biker friends. You can achieve the status of the ‘King of the Hill’ with this app. Not just that, the app is also helpful to track ‘trafficked’ roads and other biking routes. Download now, it is available on both IOS and Android.

  1. TrailForks 

Another popular app in the world of GPS that is being used for electric bike riders is Trailforks. This app is a little different from Strava as this one focusses mainly on mountain bike trails. In case you have any of it, this app is a great choice to be added to your phone.

The app lets you have offline maps with thousands of singletrack as well as other trails across the world. It also has GPS tracking, that helps you when you are second-guessing the route. The app is crisp with its interface and rests assured, you will always be up to date with the status of the roads. You can download this one on both IOS and Android

  1. Gravatron

If Strava shows how much and how fast you rode your bike, then Gravatron that is available on IOS is a little ahead of it. It also records the air time, along with all the other things as you use this app.

Again, even this app is for the adventurous mountain riders. But still, it helps the daily commuters to check the roads. It also records your distance, speed, elevation and how much you had to hop while you were on the road. 

  1. Google Maps 

A list would be incomplete without talking about Google Maps, an app that we all use to reach wherever we want. Most people by now know how to use this popular app but did you know that it also has a biker option? 

This feature helps you go from one point to the other and gives you routes that are ideal if you are a bike rider. This app is limitless with its features and to be honest, it’s one of the best.

  1. MapMyRide

You can try your hands on the best electric bike under 1000, but it will be useless if you do not have the right app that will navigate you in the correct direction. Here’s another addition to your phone shelf of apps, in case you need a tracker for your ride. 

MapMyRide has a soft, de-cluttered interface, which makes it easy for the user to access it while riding. This app majorly works on the information aspect that’s offered. It takes a database of almost 70million routes and sorts it based on what’s closer to your area.

It sorts it by taking into consideration distance, elevates and also other metrics. All this can be done, when you pay MVP membership, which will cost around $6 a month from your pocket.

  1. Cyclemeter

Cyclemeter is for the one who is extremely competitive. The app helps you give stats, and lets you move. It has a moving time, average speed, fast speed, etc. It also shows estimated calories and the miles covered on the map.

The only downside of this app is that is you can get lost in data. It also lags and the buttons do nothing, which means the interface has certain issues. This app is available on IOS.

  1. BikeMap

BikeMap has worldwide biking routes and it lets you also search the routes that are near you. Every task is made easy with this app, it shows the real-time location and you can also share the same with your friends. This app is available on IOS and Android. Initially, the app had to go through a rocky start, but a couple of months later, the usability issues were resolved. It is now running smoothly and literally has a 5-star rating on the store.


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