Get to Know Everything with CocoFaxServices

Get to Know Everything with CocoFax

Can I Fax From My Phone? Get to Know Everything with CocoFax

When we talk about faxing, it seems to be a pretty old thing for some. But you and us, the real fax lovers, know of its importance and the safety and security that it provides to us for sending and receiving official files and documents.

In the past years, faxing was the main way of communicating officially. Actually it was the only way for communication purposes. But as the time passed and the world grew, so did the tech. Many new ways for communication have been established and faxing has not been around for a while. This is because faxing was not as convenient and easy as the newly established ways of communication.

This became a concern because no other communication media could offer security features as good and superb as faxing does. And faxing was a hassle because of all the hardware associated with it. So some amendments were made by the tech experts who gave faxing a makeover. Convenience as well as safety, the present era faxing provides both.

So faxing does not need any big fax machines or paper and toner etc. to make it work. Faxing has enhanced to an extent that it can now  be done from any place you want. Now you don’t need to be near a fax machine as it is no longer needed for faxing. There are much convenient and easy ways for faxing now.

Fax from Cellphones

If you were told, some years ago, that a time would come when your fax machine would be able to fit in your hands and you could take it anywhere you like and fax documents any time you want, you would certainly laugh your head off, right? Well, that is not a fantasy now as you can now fax from your cellphone anytime and anywhere you want.

Some people might still laugh at the idea of phone faxing as they might be thinking of the incompatibility of the two media, fax and phones. Faxes function through analog signals while cellphones are designed to operate on digital signals. Don’t worry, we have a solution for this too.

This incompatibility is wiped out just by using an online fax service that bridges the gap between the two, fax and phone, and helps them understand each other for the normal operation of faxing from phone. And here we have the most suitable and the best of all fax service that excels over all others in its field.

CocoFax – Your Mobile Phone is now your little Fax Machine

CocoFax is one of the top best fax service providers that the faxing market has. CocoFax is the exact right place to get your questions like ‘can I fax from my phone’ answered in the best possible ways. It makes mobile phone faxing not only possible but also a very easy and convenient task. You can deliver your faxes and get the ones sent to you right through your smartphone.


The thing I like the most about CocoFax (you’ll absolutely love it too) is that there is absolutely no need for any kind of hardware as there are no such requirements for CocoFax. It doesn’t require any other hardware to get the faxing work done. You just need to have a smartphone, which you probably already have, in order to transfer your faxes with CocoFax.

In addition to that, CocoFax does everything to facilitate its users and clients all over the world and that is why it has also been praised by some top level media sources like those of Forbes, PCMag and the New York Times. That is also the reason behind its immense success.

With CocoFax, you get not one but many ways to fax your documents from one place to another, even if that place is on the other corner of the world. Talking about quality, CocoFax has the ultimate best. It’s not easy to be the top one among all others. Constant hard work and customer care is a key part. And that is what CocoFax just did. Taking care of its customers’ queries is always the top priority.


For the purpose to fax from your phone, the requirements are simple. Get to know everything about CocoFax at Google Fax Free. You don’t need much. Just a few things, and you’re read to go. Of course, faxing from the phone will require a phone. Besides, you must have a good internet connection and also a web browser installed on your phone. On top of everything, you need to have a CocoFax account.

Mobile Phone Faxing using CocoFax Web App

As we mentioned above, there are more than one way to fax with CocoFax. And on top of all other ways is its web app or the online dashboard. CocoFax offers you the facility of an electronic dashboard with the help of which you can send and get faxes on your phone. Here we have laid out the simple steps to use it.

Step 1: The very first thing that needs to be done is to create a CocoFax account. This is not at all complicated or difficult. Just open any web browser that you have already installed on your handset. Visit the CocoFax site from there. Avail the 30-day free trial.

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With the free month, you will also be given a free fax number which you can choose yourself. CocoFax lets you pick your own fax number.

Step 2: Provide all the required details along with the email and password. Use the email that you actively use.

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Step 3: Once you have successfully completed the signup process, you will be directed to your online dashboard then. This is the place where all your faxes will reside and you will create new faxes here too. Click on the ‘New Fax’ option to create a new one. In the window that just popped up, provide all the relevant details.


The ‘To’ field will have the fax address of the recipient. Fax address will contain the fax number and the site extension ‘’. The subject and cover page are optional. You can choose not to write anything here.

Attach the main faxing document and hit on the send button. You will soon receive a notification about the successful delivery of your fax. If, for some reasons, your fax was no successfully delivered, you will be notified about that too.

Receiving Faxes

There is nothing much you need to do in case of receiving faxes. All the faxes sent to your fax address will be directly forwarded to your dashboard. Whenever you log in to your account, you will see all your faxes in the dashboard, you can access all of them from there.

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As it is all clear, CocoFax provides you with each and every facility for sending and receiving a fax from your cell phones. If you too were looking for such a solution, then it’s your lucky day. Start mobile phone faxing right now with CocoFax.


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