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5 Top Free Online Educational Game Sites

Modern education processes are transitioning from the traditional way of learning rapidly. Students don’t want to keep only listening to lectures and writing assignments anymore. In fact, if a school or an institution avoids bringing reforms in their way of teaching, there might be some serious issues. 

Educational innovations include using the online platforms, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Even the coursework helping websites – they are also a new option for the students. All these features are starting to conquer the educational market and help the students to study more effectively.

Another important breakthrough in the educational field happened when the gamification features appeared. It showed amazing results, helped a lot of kids and young adults to overcome the struggles of monotone education.

But why are the games in the learning process so effective? 

Why Cool Educational Games Are Useful 

According to TED research, games can be addictive and enjoyable, which means they can immerse you in an optimal state for learning. They can teach problem solving, teach math, physics, history, languages, and other humanities. 

Besides, people believe that games will help solve global problems. For example: hunger, poverty, global warming, wars, etc. By playing, we focus on solving complex problems much faster.

Plus, they expect video games (and games in general) to help solve the difficulties associated with obtaining an education and finding a job.

Free Online Educational Game Sites

The current educational system is designed to train specialists who work in one place all their lives. But the world has changed: according to the latest data, the average American changes up to 10 jobs by the age of 45.

And considering how many new job fields appear every year, the trend will only intensify. As AI, robotics and technology advance, humankind will have to tackle more and more complex tasks.  That will need deep concentration.

These are the skills that video games develop. This means that in the future, gamers may have an advantage. 

Advantages Of Online Educational Games

There are many tools that make education easier and more enjoyable. Language learning apps, educational podcasts, and services that will help you to write a paper in an hour.

What are the advantages of video games over them? 

  1. Games are an active way of learning, since the learning process takes place not only in the form of passive listening or reading. 
  2. Online learning games can be adjusted to the individual needs of the user. As well as open up opportunities for independent discoveries. 
  3. School friendly games help to remember the studied material better and for longer time. 
  4. Games that are used in informal learning generate increased motivation and enthusiasm. 
  5. Games are an important part of the learning process, but they should only be used in conjunction with other pedagogical methods. 
  6. Modern games are constantly evolving and improving. The graphic capabilities, the speed of information processing, the volume of data are increasing. Interaction during games will soon improve with speech technology, neurological and tactile interfaces. These capabilities will be widely used in the field of education. About ten years ago, computer games began to be used in education, and in modern education, games are an integral part of it.

Top Educational Games To Play Online

There are a lot of school friendly games – but here is the list of best 5. They cover different areas of knowledge, because games can be useful in any field. 

1. The Blood Typing Game

Probably everyone knows how many blood groups are there. With transfusion, things are a little more complicated. Who can receive what blood transfusions? The goal of the game is to understand this issue. As well about find out what groups and Rh factors are, how all this is related to antibodies and antigens. Plus, what will happen if a person is given the “wrong” type of blood.

The game and accompanying materials refer to the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The prize was received by Karl Landsteiner – for the discovery of human blood groups (this happened thirty years earlier). And in 1940, Landsteiner also discovered the Rh factor.

2. Code Monkey

This game site offers a real programming language (CoffeeScript) with which you can write your games in HTML5. It is among the best online educational games for elementary students.

No initial experience is required here: learning is possible from scratch. The basics of computer science are mastered as part of a kind of fun adventure game. And the level editor allows you to independently change the game process.

This is a really cool thing to do for young learners. The funny monkey will guide students through a series of levels, each of which will tell about a specific coding opportunity. The child will learn to program and just have a good time playing without being distracted by useless console or PC games.

3. Wordshake

A huge part of educational fun games is directed to the English learners. Wordshake is among the best of them. If you like fast-paced games in which the rapidly passing time rushes you, “Wordshake” is just for you.

At the beginning of the game, you are given 16 random letters of the alphabet and three minutes. During this time, you should make up as many English words as possible from the available letters. You get one point for each new word.

Since the rules in Wordshake are simple, this game will help improve vocabulary. It is useful for learners whose English is at both beginner and advanced levels.

4. Heathstone

Heathstone is a popular online game based on the Warcraft universe. It has a huge variety of collectible cards. 

There is no plot, only competition with other players. To win this educational computer game for children, you need to think strategically and do quick mental math. 

The game lasts 15-30 minutes – during this time the player must think over the strategy and calculate all the moves using the numbers on the cards. There is no time to be distracted by the calculator – you have to add, subtract and multiply yourself.

5. Human Resource Machine

Human Resource Machine is a puzzle online game for beginner programmers. It will help you to master the principles of programming in an easy way. 

The player controls the virtual office using commands: copy, move, add, subtract and others. The little people on the screen move as they were programmed.  So, you need to think over their actions in advance. Each correct code brings you closer to solving the puzzle. This educational game will not get boring for a long time.

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