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Fotor is a free photo editing platform with remarkable editing controls. Anyone can use the platform as the controls and features are easy to use. The editing software is available in Android, PC, iOS, and online versions. You can adjust and modify your photographic or non-photographic photos with many advanced features available in all the products. Also, the platform has its premium version that includes more enhanced features. It provides different tools designed for different tasks. Fotor One-Tap Enhance improves many imaging problems in a very short time. Fotor GoArt, turn photos into classical painting style artwork. Fotor SDK is a complete kit for those who need graphics. 

Fotor provides three stunning features with advanced and easy options. 

Photo editing 

Our Online photo editor provides a wide range of beauty retouching tools. All they allow you to edit and enhance your photographs according to every season. This photo editing is fundamentally Photoshop online where you get all the editing tools in a single kit. You can easily adjust color, size, resolution, brightness, lines, and many more. Our designer team has provided a variety of photo effects and filters with a magical touch. 

You can add a frame to your picture from a range of adorable stock. Moreover, you can adjust Polaroid, border, shadow, and Frame Color as of your like.  

Fotor photo editor allows the users to remove and change the background with a professional touch. 

Apart from these, you can crop the photo up to a very small part. Change the size or the angle of your photo that best suits you want. 

Photo collage

To make your memory or promote your business, Fotor collage maker is a remarkable tool. You can choose from a ton of templates. Artistic collage layouts allow you to make your merged photos artistic with a few clicks. Funky collage layouts help you to add your family photos in love shapes and make it look warmly. You will find the different styles that charm you as of need and occasion.

Apart from its attractive stock of templates, the platform provides customized collage layouts. Being a brilliant editor tool, our collage allows layout options to everyone. If someone wants to customize their collage layout, can easily do. Our stitch tool has made the photo stitching easy. You can easily adjust the border width and corner rounding of your collage. Also, you are free to change the background and the color of the background when you are applying the Classic Collage layout. After that, you can import your images from the device and insert text into the collection. Finally, you can resize the paste-up to adjust. The collage provides all the things you need to add your photos as a collage and post anywhere.

Pictures are worthwhile in business promotion. A single picture portrays your business the same as a thousand words do. A collage work more than a picture. And these pictures are quite famous on Pinterest. It is a great idea to represent all your business details in a single picture. People will get to know your business and go for the purchase. Such paste-up images also become popular on Facebook and Instagram. So, creating an attractive collection of a picture in a single image is the first step of your digital marketing. Moreover, your memories, trips, and stories can be summed up in a single photo. It shares your cherished experiences with your loved ones and fans. 

Just try this brilliant tool to fill your joy and business needs. 

Graphic design

Graphic design is a very important and vast aspect of today’s businesses. Logos, Business cards, brochures, blog post images, and YouTube thumbnails are made with graphic design. And amazingly! Fotor is one of the 100 top Graphic Design Software products. Fotor is not only an easy-to-use graphic design platform but also a complete application for the purpose. You can start with a wide variety of templates and modify them as of your desire. 

After searching the right template you can go for the changes. Text can be added and all the navigation and formats can be applied such as color change, border, font size, alignment, and spacing. Many fonts styles are present you can use and also you can opt for one from the computer. All other basic text formats such as italic, bold, rotation, breaks are available. 

In the Fotor graphic design, you can use stickers from the tons of available. Or you can upload your own. You can add them to ‘My Favorite’ with a start button, so the next time you will find in my favorite section easily. Many basic shapes are also there which are necessary for the graphic design. After inserting them you can customize shadow, transparency, and layers on them. 

Furthermore, you have the option of background change in the whole design. And also you can insert your images as the background which is a nice idea for YouTube thumbnails and business cards. It also allows you to import images from the clouds directly for graphic design.

All you need for graphic design is placed in the single kit here.


Fotor is a photo editing, collage, and graphic design tool with great advanced features. You can get it on any device as its versions are available for each big platform such as Windows, Android, and iOS. It is an online Photoshop for photo editing. You can edit, modify, and enhance your images with such a fine beauty.

Fotor collage is another wonderful feature of the application. Making a collection of pictures is easy with too many options.

Finally, you can use the platform for graphic design. Graphic design is one of the three most trusted features of the Fotor. With the application, it is simple and professional to design what your business requires.


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