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The Latest Fitgirl Repacks [2022] November

Fitgirl repacks are some of the most popular pc games out there. They are typically smaller in size and install faster than other types of games. However, they can be a bit tricky to install if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The Latest Fitgirl Repacks [2022]:

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To learn what are fitgirl repacks, you need to first learn about “A Game Repack“.

What is a Game Repack?

A repack is a term used for a repackaged, compressed, or ripped PC game. A repack can be a significantly smaller file size than the original game installation; this is often achieved by stripping out unused content from the game files or compressing the data to reduce the file size. In some cases, language packs or DLC may be removed in order to further reduce the file size of the repack.

Although repacks are usually created for pirated games, there are a number of legitimate reasons why someone might want to download a repack instead of the full game installation.

For example, if a person has a slow internet connection, they may prefer to download a smaller file or if they only have limited storage space on their computer, they might choose to install a repacked version of a game. Regardless of the reason, repacks can be found readily available online and are popular among PC gamers.

What are the benefits of Repacking?

When you repack a game, you are essentially taking the files from the original installation and repackaging them into a new file. This can be done for a number of reasons, but the most common is to save space on your hard drive. Games can take up a lot of space, and repacking them can free up some much-needed space.

Additionally, repacking a game can also help to improve loading times. If a game is taking longer than usual to load, repacking the files can often help to speed up the process.

Finally, repacking a game can also be helpful if you are experiencing crashes or other errors. By repackaging the files, you can often fix these issues and get the game running smoothly again.

What are the reasons to repack a game?

There are many reasons why you might need to repack a game. Perhaps you want to create a backup in case your original copy is lost or damaged. Or maybe you want to copy a game to share with a friend. Whatever the reason, it’s important to repack games the right way.

Illegal copying of games is rampant on the internet, and as a result, many pc games are now coded with DRM (digital rights management) to prevent copying. However, this DRM can also make it difficult for legitimate owners of the game to make backups or copies for personal use. If you try to repack a game that has DRM, you may end up with an unusable copy that won’t run on your computer.

Fortunately, there are ways to repack games without violating any laws or damaging the files. One method is to use a tool like Alcohol 120%, which is designed for making legal backups of data disks (including games). Another option is to use DiskDump, which can create an image of an entire hard drive, including any installed games.

Either of these methods will allow you to repack a game without any legal or technical problems. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully, and you

How should you Repack a game?

Repacking a game is not as simple as repacking any other type of software. Games are usually much larger in size and have more complex file structures than other types of software. As a result, repacking a game can take significantly longer and require more disk space.

There are also a few different methods that can be used to repack a game, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most common method is to use an asset unpacker, which can be used to extract the game’s assets from its packed files. This method is relatively quick and easy, but it can be unreliable and sometimes result in missing or corrupt files.

Another method is to use a file replacement tool, which replaces the packed files with new ones. This method is more reliable, but it can take longer and requires more disk space. Finally, there are also some tools that can repack a game without unpacking it first.

These tools are very quick and easy to use, but they often produce poor results. Ultimately, the best way to repack a game depends on the individual game and the system on which it will be installed.

What is a FitGirl repacks?

So when you have a game’s install files, you have many different elements, which everyone may not need. You’ll have your textures, your sound files, your models, and so on.

Now, if I’m downloading a game, I may not need the 4k textures, because I can only run it up to 1080p. Or I won’t need the Spanish and German language packs.

Fitgirl separates all of these into optional pieces and uses compression algorithms to reduce the size further. You get the same game, but you can cut the fluff and slim it a bit to make for a smaller download. You pick and choose the relevant pieces, and ignore what you don’t want or need.


FitGirl is NOT a scene group that cracks games. It is one character that repacks video games in a really, genuinely excellent way.

Tips for Downloading a Legitimate Fitgirl Repack

There are a few things to look for when trying to determine if a repack is legitimate. One is the source of the repack. If it comes from an unreliable or unknown source, it’s best to avoid it.

Another is the size of the repack. If it’s much smaller than the original game, it may be missing important files. Finally, check the repack for any viruses or bitcoin miners.

These are often used by illegitimate repacks to generate income. If you find any of these, it’s best to steer clear. By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure that you’re only downloading legitimate repacks.

How to install Fitgirl Repack games?

The first thing you’ll need to do is to download the Fitgirl desired game installer from our website. Once it’s finished downloading, run the installer and follow the prompts.

Once the installation is complete, open the file called “game_fitgirl_.exe” and follow the instructions. Be sure, you turned off anti-virus programs before proceeding.

Follow these simple steps to install these games without any errors:

  1. Download the FitGirl Repack installer from the link below.
  2. Run the installer and select the game you want to install.
  3. Follow the prompts to install the game. That’s it! Your game will now be installed and ready to play.

If everything goes according to plan, you should now have a working copy of the game on your computer! Congratulations!

Is it safe to Download Fitgirl Repack games?

The fitgirl repacks are safe to download but you should be careful about the site you choose for downloading these files. There are many scammers out there who may try to trick you into downloading a fake or malicious file. Make sure you only download fitgirl repacks from the official website or a trusted third-party site.

Some of the Positive points

She is undoubtedly precise at game repacks and makes it truly easy to download cracked PC games. What repacking does, is remove records that are not required for the game to run – for example, she removes voiceovers and languages which the participant would possibly not need and allows the player to choose which language he/she desires to download.

This excessive compression subsequently permits users to download the video games in a tiny, smaller file, for this reason saving time and bandwidth. The downside is that the game installation because of a lot greater time and resource-consuming, but for most humans, it is well worth it as long as the game is downloaded correctly.

You can discover many of FitGirl’s repacks on GameTrex if you are fascinated by seeing what all the buzz is about. I would link to her internet site as nicely, but I comprehend that it can motive prison problems as it is extraordinarily popular. I hope this answer is helpful!

FitGirl is a re-packer of cracked Games.

A repack, as recommended by the title, is a repacked version of commonly a game that is cracked. Re-packers change the installation time of the cracked game and compress it so it can be downloaded faster. For, eg. FitGirl generally separates language documents into repacks so that users can pick only the languages they need. It reduces the game’s size on the disk for downloading as correctly as putting in through a considerable measure.

Is Fitgirl a girl? (that repacks games)

fit girlNo, it’s a business enterprise that cracks and repacks said cracked video games to be got through questionable sources. Other picks (not that I recommend the use of them) are Skidrow, The Sexy Dude, and Black Box. Edit: following commenters, yes, there’s a girl at the back of the repacking wizardry that Fitgirl does. Also, it’s first-class to buy games as they are sold via the devs.

Khaleel Ahmad

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.


  1. Funny, I have always downloaded Fitgirl and have NEVER had a trojan or malware detected. The only repack I have had anything detected was El Amigos and it was a bitcoin miner. I was able to easily remove it fortunately.
    Also, I don’t trust anyone who has to go to a site called, “VirusTotal to check for malware. Seriously, that’s amateurish at best.

    1. Bro just because youre an idiot and have no idea what your talking about doesnt make that fitgirl or her repacks the problem youre ignorance is…I literally have like 30 games all from fitgirl and every single one of them run and I’ve never gotten a virus from any of her legit websites,torrents etc if you knew anything about the scene you would know the dev companies literally setup fake websites with trojans and other viruses and they pay ppl to do the same to deter ppl from downloading pirated content..wouldnt be surprised if this is one of those sites trying to scare ppl away and youre one of em..what i do know is youre a straight up mook & clown…learn something before running youre mouth about something you have no idea about.Btw your blog blows even if it was accurate.

    2. I have downloaded many but I just had my first issue. I wrote my problem so they wrote back stating there was no problem and that no one else was having a problem with theirs but several people actually had commented having black screens launching the game so i stated there was actually several comments with the same issue that this was the only repack I had an issue from Fitgirl so far and that none of my other PC games had issues like this. She tried to state that it could have been a compatibility issue but I stated having used more intensive games then that which was equivalent almost to a 3DS game slightly better. They then stated that several people playing it “SILENTLY” in capital letters. Obviously telling me to be quiet. In regards i can say a lot of the repacks I got from them were good but honestly FitGirls attitude sucks especially when a flaw is pointed out of the repacks. Honestly I didn’t expect so much drama from them and I wasn’t going to lie to them that there wasn’t a problem. There were many comments posted of similar problems even. Honestly wouldn’t doubt her having some problems with some of their repacks they are keen on ignoring or are creating themselves.

  2. I have been and keep downloading/using Fitgirl repacks, and all of the games i have dl’ed were working fine. I have a slow assed pc (G4560, 8gb and GTX1050Ti) and yet I have no problems playing the games from FG, of course I see to it that my pc can handle said games. I do not believe that FG’s repacks contains mining scripts.

      1. looks like you’re almost right. i’m using fitgirl repacks since years and i never had any issue or virus or miners. even when i install games with antivirus turned on or off.
        sometimes antivirus block the data files of games(i don’t know why?) i install them with antivirus turned off and and checked those files for virus and there was actually no virus.
        mostly cracked files are being detected as a virus because they were suppose to be signed files with security signature by so called security certificates, and when they are cracked to bypass security and let us play the game, antivirus detect them as a virus(which is actually good for security but we know that’s not right)
        sometimes antivirus detect crack,installers or dll files as virus which looks sweet(sometimes) but that’s not only the problem with fitgirl repack, it can happen even with signed setup from verified publisher.

        1. If Anyone here is paranoid or something after running the game once , just download tron script from reddit which runs a bunch of anti malware/virus programs and fixes and even checks for system os issues.

        2. fitgirl has never failed me once i downloaded over 50 games and not one of them had viruses if i could i would even make a waifu pillow out of fitgirl as I know fitgirl is always safe

          this post is a scam or con to make fitgirl look bad and i will not stand for it if i could i would kamikazi this words right into the this website data and turn it into the rubble it is

  3. Well this makes sense. I’m actually installing FitGirl’s repack of Assassin’s Creed Origins RIGHT NOW (Oct 16, 2019 3:07 AM) and I noticed a program that takes up my CPU usage a lot. There is also another “csrss.exe” running in my task manager. The original “csrss.exe” must be located at Windows>System32 folder ONLY but when I open the file location of that another one, it is located at Windows>rss folder. Another one appeared in my task manager is named CloudNet which I cannot uninstall even from the Control Panel. When I attempted to uninstall it, it showed a command prompt with which I think (I’m not sure) russian words in red font.

    1. Csrss.exe (also known as Client Service Runtime Process) is a legitimate and important process that runs in Windows Operating Systems. The genuine csrss.exe file is located in “C:\Windows\System32\” and it is normal to see it running in Task Manager, since it is an important part of the operating system. If you don’t know how your PC works, you should probably just sell it.

  4. regardless of were you get it from any game that has been cracked will come up as a virus it has nothing to do with fitgirl

  5. I found that after downloading fitgirls games, my fps on bf5 went from 100 to 30fps and the only way i managed to fix it was by installing malwarebytes and then my fps returned to normal.

  6. I know for a fact she has script/crypto miners and viruses in her repacks…Ive found them myself. anyone that thinks otherwise is paid by them or just utterly fucking retarded.

  7. Seems all the hateful comments here are from those who are guilty of this and are from fitgirl. FUNNY! PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS MAN AND DO NOT USE THEM!!! Trust CODEX, CPY, SKIDROW, FAIRLIGHT etc. NEVER TRUST A REPACK!!!

  8. Downloading DIRECTLY from FitGirl’s LEGITIMATE PAGE/WEBSITE has never caused a problem for me, maybe check where you’re actually downloading from before spewing bullshit propaganda like this.

  9. I mean you,r points are horrible, ivebeen using fitgirl site 2+ years and i never had a virus , malware , bitcoin miners
    They have active community with ton of Donators and ton of good ppl.
    No one said they had virus,miners ect… at my point of view ur post has been boted with some fake comments and actual comments saying you are wrong..
    This is false and i trust fitgirl repacks because i never had an bitcoin miner, malware,virus,worm,trojan any other malware i think you are just paranoid or you just rivaled her repack site.
    I used malwarebytes to scan my temp folder and other files and it had 0 malware…
    And i see 0 point of puting malware and miners in temp folder because Windows automaticly cleans it after 30days or u can clean ur own temp folder…
    Common this post is false fitgirl repacks and her community is another trusted repacker same as rg mechanics and others..
    Thats why i support her..

    – Memeber of fitgirl repack Sociaty.

  10. The irony is that most of the “Malware”, be it Spyware, or Viruses found on these repacks aren’t from the Fitgirl repacking team, or from the team of crackers but from the production companies themselves as a means of deterrent if someone manages to crack their copy protection measures. It’s almost like a literal Trojan Horse horse, with a Pandora’s box inside. You get through the first layer and it activates, and ends up releasing it’s disease into your PC.

    Blame the publishers, not the repack team or crack team.

  11. Fucking lol, a slew of positive comments all made on the same day minutes apart from each other. Google should be fucking shot for putting this as the featured result when searching fitgirlrepacks.

  12. “Please consider donating to help me maintain this site and seedboxes for my repacks. You may also donate not bitcoins, but your CPU power here, works just in a browser, no plugins or installed software required.”


  13. Maybe you need to learn how to properly deal with repacks. I’ve been using Fitgirl for years and have never once had a trojan, BC miner or malware. One bad repack which caused a BSOD but it was a driver issue.

    Dont trash Fitgirls reputation just because you are too incompetent to pull cracks right. Fitgirl is one of the ONLY resources on the web for repacks that isn’t trash.

  14. umm did u get those repacks from her site or else were? she says only get from her site.. Also i have used ur packs for few years never had a issuse. and one thing bout her repacks is the high compression, why dl a game at 50gb when heres could be 22gb.. never had a issuse installing a game and missing files. maybe update files and u wouldnt have that issue, and for u saying u install a codex game with no issuse she usees that as a base and does a high compression on it. love how u didnt mention any of that at all ( not surprised u pick and choose what suits ur topic )

  15. Reported to Google for unprofessional journalism and your own bit of frauding. Just because you don’t understand the technology behind these repacks doesn’t mean that they’re a virus out to destroy your computer. Yes, your anti-virus will pick them up as one, BUT it does that with any cracked software you use which you would know if you weren’t busy having Boomer-type kneejerk reactions to everything.

  16. This is a BS article. Fitgirl is probably the most trusted repacker/uploader in the scene. I almost exclusively use fitgirl repacks if I’m sailing the high seas, and I have never, not once, had a detection from windows defender or or Malwarebytes that wasn’t a false positive. You seem to have exposed yourself to be some SHILL for some agency relating to the software industry.

  17. The bitcoin mining could explain why the repacks on the 2033 redux and last light are really taxing on my machine. With a 2080ti my pc was squealing from overload on these two games. Whereas official versions and even a 300+ modded fallout 4 it was quiet. Never considered that those were doing more than running the game.

    1. if they had miners installed do you really think they would only run while the game installed? they could have 100000 ppl download games and not make any money that way. Mining present day with a high end card NONSTOP for a month will generate about 10-15 bucks in crypto. Running for an hour for each download would generate fuck all. God you ppl are stupid. Aldo cracks often come upon anti virus that doesnt mean they are a virus.

  18. 1) Searching fitgirl repacks on duckduckgo brings up several different domains(I don’t personally know the official one). This means the problem could easily be user error by downloading from a fake mirror site. For example, one has Prisoner Architect as the latest repack, while what I think is the official site has 2 more repacks after that.

    2) Use network monitoring software like GlassWire(free version available). Everything that uses your network through your computer will pop up.

    3) Many cracked games return virus/trojan results. This complicates matters for people unfamiliar with their sources.

    Good luck out there.

  19. The person(s) that made this article are fucking retarded. Spend more time learning about what you’re fucking doing and how to do it correctly than spending time writing misguided dumbshit articles that contain bullshit and ignorance. Holy shit.

  20. In case you want to know which one is the real fitgirl site, they got this:

    Special note about imposters
    This site, is THE ONLY official site of my repacks. Every single FG repack installer has a link inside, which leads here. ALL other “mirrors” (,,, etc.) are fakes, made to infect you with malware, show you tons of ads and get your money as donations. Don’t fall for them during your google sessions, just bookmark (CTRL+D) this site and come here directly.

    Pls dont get scam out of your own stupidity then blame someone else

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            what are u? 10?
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            worry not, neither im a native english speaker too
            but the way you speak in english and just blocked someone bcz u disagree with other opinion, just show ur mind’s age lmao
            that’s being said, it’s internet! takes everything with a grain of salt

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        1. Don’t be a Racist asshole, I’m an Indian too and I don’t judge brainlets like you. (Although to be fair I’m pretty sure he ain’t Indian)

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            You upvote your own posts, and the only other person who upvotes you is another troll/sockpuppet. You’re not right in the head, kid.

          4. Also what the hell are you talking about the Israeli Police for?

  21. Just clicked on this link thinking it would be a fun read, and boy. It was a fun read.
    This article really convinced me. It convinced be that you have zero clue about what you’re doing, and what you’re writing about.

    Almost all cracked software will report a malware. Either the people who cracked it put it there, or it’s a false positive. You just said that FitGirl is not a crack scene, so why blame her website for these reports?

    And you obviously have no idea how to troubleshoot FitGirl repacks, YOU can install her repacks with no compatibility mode and AV turned off, it’s just advisable to turn them off like any other cracked software.
    Most of the problem you said can be fixed by following her FAQ page. Limit RAM Usage (slower but more stable), repack missing files, rehash.

    Can’t even read this article without disabling adblocker. Pfft.

  22. Some of the bullshit comments are posted by employees of fit-girl. I appreciate the site owner who still enabled comment section of this page.

    1. Fitgirl doesn’t have employees you cum stain. They have tons of fans because their shit works great and saves space while auto installing cracks and whatever else you want/get with the releases. Sorry if it’s hard to comprehend that people like convenience and owning their stuff.

    2. Okay, your tinfoil hat is on a little tight, conspiracy-theorist.

      FitGirl doesn’t have “employees.” She doesn’t make enough to pay anyone, lol. I bet you’ve never even been to the actual site. She’s trusted in the scene, by CODEX and SKIDROW no less, and all you’re doing is encouraging misinformation.

    3. the shame is that the guy made this article
      and if this guy so stupid, and this guy getting paid for what he doing, i wanna meet his boss
      i guess he is the same stupid coz he hired this stupid guy

  23. I actually don’t mind giving the developers money if I like it, but uh, yeah. I like owning my shit without DRM dictating when, where and how I can play it. Fuck off. Fitgirl has worked great and I have a backup of every steam game I own via repacks… that I care about, anyway. Sounds like you hit up the fake FG sites and downloaded malware, too bad. I just grab mine mostly off Gazelle Games.

  24. You used the fake websites (,,, etc.)
    They contain a cluster f*ck of pop-ups ads.
    Mate, you got played by imposters

  25. YOUR RAM IS FAULTY. The reason fitgirl repack fails is because it puts more pressure on your PC. your memory sticks crash out when it gets high the usage. many ram sticks are not compatible with each other. they have to be paired at the same speed, you will only see issues when using high un/compression like FITGIRL that uses lots of RAM. Study up on industry leading compression, and read up on RAM Clock rates and you will see I am right.

    1. also I do not believe fitgirl contains anything bad. you would have to use IDAPRO and look at the machine code language to prove to me the code that is bad. Antivirus will say anything warez related is a virus, even when its safe. so how would you ever know.

      1. And if the RAM is faulty, that can still cause issues.
        Also, going to fake FitGirl sites seems to be the biggest source of trouble for the OP.

  26. This kind of article is the reason we need comment sections in ANY news website. So many bullshit in this article! Comments clearly show what they get wrong. If you get a virus from Fitgirl, it’s not the real Fitgirl…

    I’ve used Fitgirl repacks several times, it worked everytime. The only issue I had was with Black Ops: some boxes needed to be unchecked during the install for it to work.

  27. if u had ads on this page and were making money from the visitors i would say ggwp but you’re not a troll, you’re not benefiting from this at all so therefor you’re just a dumbass lol

  28. i’ve never had a problem on the site if im missing files ill just re-download the game but other then that every game that ive downloaded so far(about 20 right now) has worked fine without any problems.

    1. my family used fitgirl repacks every time i just used 2gb ram limit never once overclocked my ram and for viruses/malware never got any even checked every file

  29. Great info and I agree. Ive known this for a long time. Ive commented about it on the site and it has always been deleted. And here come the dislikes lol….

    1. Stop lying. Did you even go to the real site, or an imposter site? Do you understand what “false positives” are, and that all cracked games trip those on shitty antivirus?
      (I also notice you’re downvoting every positive comment about FG, even ones with links to the ACTUAL site and with verifiable facts. Either you have an axe to grind, or you’re just another coward who refuses to admit when he’s wrong.)

      Tell you what: let us know which link you downloaded from, and post proof of your claims. I’ve downloaded literally dozens of games from the REAL Fitgirl site, and the only issue I’ve ever had is games crashing because my hardware didn’t meet specs.

        1. So no answer. Are you a troll, or just (at least mentally) a child?

          You’re wrong, and the fact that you won’t answer makes it seem like you know you’re wrong. Everyone in this comment section sees it, and anyone even barely literate in the cracking scene is laughing at you.

          1. Doesn’t matter either way. We can say what we think. Those who are triggered have an ego issue which is fine too. Thanks for the reply though. Good point:)

          2. Nobody is “triggered,” though; but trolls have an insecurity issue (and that’s actually backed by facts). Anyone

            And yea, everyone can say what they like, but spreading lies & misinformation doesn’t help people who might be coming here for actual information. It’s like when conspiracy theorists insert themselves into science forums.

          3. my guy, you’ve gone and downvoted literally every comment about FG. I don’t think you’re that indifferent

          4. Laughter is fine too. It doesnt change my life in any way shape or form. I hope laughter brightens your day if you think thats what it takes.

    2. I agree with you fitgirl repacks are just shit, installer takes 3 times more than anyother installer, not normal to install a game 16 GB syze takes 3 hours… bs, also ppl says that fg repacks are for ppl with low internet, well if u took 10 hours to download a fg repack the last thing u want is another 3 hours to install, it just doesn’t make sense, can’t believe ppl comenting supporting fg repacks, for me it’s pure garbage, i just avoid them.

  30. Just because you are using a fake site or just simply not installing them correctly doesn’t mean the official fitgirl repacks is a fraud lol i have been using the official site for years, have played aprox 200+ games from there and only 3 or 4 out of those 200 has had an issue which was only due to my windows defender removing a file thinking it was a virus when it was not, so before you make a page accusing people of being a fraud maybe you should know what your actually doing first…or just stick with the “buying games” option

  31. idk what ur talking about but it works perfectly fine for me u have like some bad internet thats why hackers spread malware in ur pc or u was downloading from a fake website

  32. Fckin faggot doesn’t know what he’s sayin’. go to legit fitgirl site so u don’t get viruses u dumbass.

  33. Putting title as a fact but then gets outplayed by fake sites, you went full retard OP, never do that ever again.

    1. He’s not exactly well-versed in how cracks & repacks work, nor does he understand the concept of “copycat sites” (like the dozen or so that claim to be the official Reloaded/Codex site).

  34. THIS is 100% true if you do not believe it scan a fitgirl installer and you will see the malware.

    I got hella root kits and malware from nfs payback and forza horizon 4 and I have been downloading from her for years!

    It’s still possible to play her games but never without an antivirus. Which means the game will probably not even finish installing.

    I have been using her correct site for years as well.

    1. You’re quiet intelligent, according to your comments. But not that intelligent to know, that all the cracked stuff in the universe recognised as a virus or malware in any AV.
      But there are AV that already know that these cracked games files are not dangerous.
      You are just dumb.

  35. I have been using fitgirl for 6 years with no issue, the smaller download sizes saved me days when i had terrible internet speeds.

  36. FitGirl is one individual she visits the same forums as i do we are both members there i repack my own legal games as backups she does cracked games publicly

  37. This is hilarious! You’re downloading from the wrong site! Never had issues with the REAL Fitgirl repack site all the games work fine

  38. tf, 8gb is low ram you tard. Read the fooking installer and also, their releases are combed over by a certain website where many other scene release groups coexist. They LOVE to find any fault in other groups releases on that site, and dont find shiet with Fitgirl. You are probably from CPY yourself and are simply trying to troll, you pet.

  39. All you said was absolutely correct. But the low memory issue which you have faced is because you didn’t run the game’s exe with administrator’s permission.

  40. sure is fitgirl is not in real a girl..that pic is stolen frome a Actor..but many little boys with a big libido thinks that fitgirl is real :D..dont masturbate on her..thanks 😛

  41. lol, can’t be more wrong. The last para is wrong af, Fitgirl doesn’t crack games.And virus-virus is the only thing I can read in this WHOLE article,

  42. I’ve literally installed 20+ games from FG and I run a combo of different virus scanners every week or so and the cracked games turn up nothing. My computer is clean and I can prove it with logs. If you download a game from a sketchy source, don’t complain about getting a virus.

  43. man i just hate fitgirl repack it take too when installation much time and some times this t-repack give error DLL Missing error like code-11 and other please fix this Problem or introduce a another installation setup thank You.

  44. I think you’ve used one of the fake sites bud. no wonder you got malware

    by the way you’re describing things you don’t seem to have much knowledge about computer security as well. this makes your article sound more like a useless opinion post instead of a worthwhile read.
    I’ve been using fitgirl repacks for the last few years and never have came across any issues.
    if you don’t know what you’re doing maybe you shouldn’t talk about it

  45. This is a big bullshit XD i’ve been using Fitgirl games for over 3 years now, and i didn’t have any problem with my PC. Your just trash-talking because u either got ur games from a fake site, or u’re just an hater.

  46. It seems half of Fitgirl Repack Games really contain harmful scripts. I appreciate the writer who told us the truth. In the comment section there are also people who are from Fitgirl so they will always say Fitgirl is Safe

  47. Holaaaaaaaaaaa

    Glad i got someones attention here and yes the groups real but please be careful and stop bashing on other groups and keep the peace during “COVID TIMES”

    Thank you for all who showed support

  48. you got smoked a million times in the comments.. you never read the directions on the website, or got scammed because you didn’t go to the legit FG website. Either played by a fake website or just bad at directions, either way, regroup and head back to base! 😂😂

    1. i install WITH defender on, never had an issue either.. its been YEARS, hundreds of games, and multiple, multiple hard drives. LOVE YOU FG<3

  49. All my years I have been reading tons of shit, and this is one of the most retarded, dumbshit, bullcrap journals I have ever witnessed.

  50. Hey dumbass ever heard of imposters? Do us all a favor, Find a gun, place nozzle on roof of your mouth. Thank you!

  51. can someone direct me to her official site so i won’t end up like the one that made the article ? lol

  52. This guy clearly has low knowledge of his pc and is obviously has no idea of what he’s doin in it. You get what you deserved for pirating games but at least learn more about viruses/malwares/repacks what and how these things works. And also be smart/responsible enough on where ye get these torrents off of the websites. I’ve had zero problems testing games from Fitgirl’s repacks ever on my unprotected pc ( never used anti viruses bs ) cus i am its own xD. Stick to android first and study more of pc before you brick your rig

  53. Hey, apkfuel! You are for android, not PC! Why aren’t you replying back to our comments? Are you a chickenshit?

  54. bro, there are many spam sites that claim they are official fit girl and i think you downloaded game from spam site.
    i am using fitgirl from quite a long time and never got any major error, i never saw any malware on game that i downloaded.
    you should download from ofiicial fitgirl site.

  55. Well the fact is your downloading the wrong file or not wrong website that’s why you get malware, you can check first at comment section to see if it’s work or not
    Fitgirl repack too if you have low end pc gonna be a long way to go to install it, depend on your spec ofc, low size but long time installation

  56. Temp folder is for… well, temporary files. You can just delete all of them. I even have a bat file that works on boot to delete it. There it is

    @echo off

    rd %temp% /s /q

    md %temp%

  57. Fit Girl games torrents all stall anyways. The site is dead. Torrenting is dead it seems but you can thank Trump and the things he signed that cracked down on copyright crap. Every time non liberals get in charge it seems the internet suddenly loses ‘piracy’ sites. Last time it happened so big was during the end of the Bush era when he got paranoid and signed laws that made it so ISP’s were liable if they didn’t get you into trouble.

  58. Well actually they AREN’T laws they are Executive Orders which are illegal. Executive Orders are for the government branches only and are not to affect the general public. They are emergency orders to affect issues within the government body only.

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