Features of Microsoft Hyper-V

There are billions of PCs globally that are working on Windows Server. Most of the people in the world prefer using Windows Server and KVM servers. Microsoft is trying effectively to generate several unique things for users. One of which is Hyper V Server.

The hardware virtualization application provided by Microsoft is Hyper-V. It will assist you to design and even manage any version of the computer. Virtual machines operate likewise. Each virtual machine will work like a computer that holds an OS and all the other applications in it. Virtual machines are beneficial when you must utilize computing resources, and it gives you extra adaptability. It is more viable to work on a virtual machine rather than experimenting with your current operating system.

Hyper-V gives an isolated space of its own to work on a virtual machine. With the help of Hyper-V, you can manage several virtual machines simultaneously. This will be very beneficial to avoid the problems of a malfunction or crash which influences the other operations of yours. You can also consider other virtualization technologies like Azure Windows Virtual Desktop as per your requirements.

Features of Hyper-V

Here are some of the features of Hyper-V that are beneficial for business:

A Computing Structure

The virtual machine holds all the essential elements which are there in your personal computers like networking, processor, storage, and memory. Each element has multiple alternatives and features which can be modified as per the specification. Every part of the virtual machine can be utilized in any given method required.

Recovery and Backup

It designs a copy of the virtual machines and saves it in some other physical location for disaster recovery so that it is available for you to restore. There are 2 alternatives given by Hyper-V for backup. One approach utilizes the stored states while the second approach utilizes VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) which can make consistent application backups for the applications which are supported by VSS.


There are features like import/export, storage transfer, and live migration, because of which it becomes simple to share or transfer any virtual machine, hence making it highly portable.


There are services for integration in all the supported guest OS. It includes customized drivers and several features, which makes it easier and more uncomplicated to work on the OS in the virtual machine.

Remote Connections

There is a remote connectivity tool which is incorporated in the connection of virtual machine in both Windows and Linux. This tool will provide access to the console, which will allow you to view the things which are running in the guest prior to the OS getting booted. This is an excellent feature and more reliable than the Remote Desktop.


The booting process is well protected, and the virtual machines are secured, which protects it against unauthorized access and viruses to the virtual machine or its data. They also include network enhancements and performance enhancements.


In every supported guest OS, there are integration functions. It maintains customized drivers and multiple features, which makes it simpler to use the OS in the virtual machine.

More Utilization

The important advantage of working on Microsoft Hyper-V and virtualization is that it enhances the efficiency of you and your business. In several organizations, there are higher than 100 servers, and there is only a single admin to control the entire data from the data center. When virtualization is executed in such a business, the management of this data becomes extremely simple. The new servers could be launched instantly. Group maintenance can be done with zero downtime through the daytime to end-users. Emergency recovery and backup have been made easier. Virtualization makes it simpler to manage the data, and it will assist your admin staff to concentrate on other real-time plans for the growth of the business.

Saving Money

Hyper-V has various advanced functions which are available only in the higher versions like VMware, vSphere, etc. Windows hypervisor is much better than the rest of the hypervisors in every aspect like functions offered, structure, and the comfort level of assistance for the business.

Create or extend a private cloud environment

Provide more resilient, on-demand IT assistance by switching to or extending your work on shared resources and adjust utilization as demand increase.

Using the hardware more efficiently

Combine servers and workloads onto less, more robust physical machines to use limited power and physical space. Generate various computing structures without having to purchase or manage all the hardware you would require if you only utilized physical systems.

Develop business continuity

Reduce the effect of both scheduled and unscheduled downtime on your workflow. Adopting a centralized desktop strategy along with VDI can assist you to increase business coordination and data protection, as well as analyze administrative compliance and maintain desktop applications and operating systems. Input Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RD Virtualization Host) on a similar server to create personal virtual desktops or virtual desktop groups available to your users.

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