Ec botanicals review 

Ec botanicals review 

Ec botanicals is a very well alleged and high rated Kratom vendor vending high quality and first-class Kratom to its patrons. The fame of Kratom has been increased a lot in the past few years. The demand for high-quality Kratom has been also increased. Customers prefer those vendors who ensure the quality and safety of their products. Ec botanical is one of those vendors. They ensure their clients that the products will be of high eminence and there will be no side effects of them. Apart from high quality, this Kratom vendor offers its products at low rates. The prices are affordable and come in the range of every patron. 

Kratom products offered by Ec botanicals: 

Ec botanicals proffer very extensive and exclusive strains to its patrons. They are celebrated for their wide range of choices. Apart from Kratom, Cbd and Kava are also available here. All of them are of very high quality.
Following are some of the Kratom strains offered by Ec botanicals: 
Green Maeng Da Kratom strain
Red Maeng Da Kratom strain
White Maeng Da Kratom strain
Super green Kratom strain
Red Bali Kratom strain
Red Borneo Kratom strain
Red premium Borneo strain
Green premium Borneo strain
Super white Kratom strain
The list doesn’t end here. Ec botanicals have many more impressive strains advertised on their official website. To know more about their products, you have to visit their website. 

Prices of the products: 

They don’t charge too much high for their products. Ec botanicals vend Kratom and other products and less expensive rates. If we talk about Kratom then 1 ounce is available at $6 -$8. 60 grams of Kratom is obtainable at $11 approximately. They are selling 125 grams of Kratom powder at $22. 250 grams are accessible for only $33 and 500 grams is accessible for $60. A pack of 1kg Kratom powder is available for $110. 
Ec botanical is vending Kratom in capsules form as well. 50 capsules of approximately 500mg are being vended at $13. 200 capsules of Kratom are available at $40 only. 
If we compared the above-mentioned rates of Ec botanicals Kratom products with the other Kratom vendor then we will clearly see a huge difference between the prices. This Kratom vendor is perking the patrons with too many reasonable rates. This vendor is famous not because of its cheap rates but because of its high-quality products. They have never compromised on their excellence. Low rates mean low quality is not in their case. 

Customer services:

Patrons are perked by the outstanding services. It has been stated again and again that Ec botanical is a well supposed and celebrated vendor all over the world. A continuous increase in the number of its clients is the main reason behind the fame of this vendor. The buyers trust they are completely relying on them for high-quality Kratom. This vendor has also maintained its reputation in the world of Kratom for a very long time. Still, they are working hard to make themselves better and improved. 
They respond to their customers on time. The team is very professional and polite. They had never used any harsh word or bad language with their clients in the past and it’s expected that their friendly and welcoming behavior will continue in the future. The staff of this vendor always helps their clients and tries to solve any query as soon as possible for them. The customers can get in touch with them either through email or by calling them on their phone number. 

Shipping of the products: 

Timely shipping is another reason behind the likeness of this vendor. The squad is so devoted that they have never delayed their work. Everything is done at the exact time. Right after the confirmation of the client’s order, the process of shipping starts. They ship their orders through USPS priority mail. Shipping is done rapidly and the patron usually receives his order with 1 – 3 working days.

Coupons, deals, and discounts: 

Apart from giving so much, they are also offering incredible deals to please their patrons. Coupon codes are also available in order to get benefitted from their interesting discounts. These codes assist the clients to get 10 – 15% reduction on their every purchase. 
In addition to coupon codes, the customers also get point o their every order. These points are secured for the next order. The clients may achieve points ranging from 26 to – 90 approximately. However, the number of points depends upon the nature of your order. The more you order, the more points you will get. In these ways, more discounts will be provided for you. 

Refunding policy: 

Refunding is done within 30 days after receiving the order. Ec botanicals only refund packed products. Open products are not accepted for return. If your refunding request is accepted then you will receive your money back within four weeks. They even give back the shipping fees if refunding is based on their issue. They are so polite that they never blame their clients and don’t force them to keep the product. 

Customer reviews about Ec botanicals: 

Below, I have mentioned some of the reviews given by the patrons of Ec botanicals: 
“Just now I have started using Kratom and my first purchase was from Ec botanicals. I am really happy and excited to share my review about this vendor because they deserve a clap. Bets quality and fewer prices, Wahoo, best vendor you could ever purchase from.” 
“I live in Georgia and it’s for the very first time I have ordered from Ec botanicals. I wanna give 100/100 to them. What a quality, totally impressive. The rates are low and services are outstanding. I was also very impressed by the huge range of products they are offering.”
“Ec botanicals ships so fast. Thanks to this vendor for giving me my super green so quick. All cheers to their team” 

Final Verdict: 

Ec botanical is a great place for those who are looking for extensive choices of Kratom strains. They actually give you what you pay for. Incredible quality, low rates with high rated services is provided to the patrons. What else a customer wants? 


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