Can You Really Install a DIY Smart Home Security System?

Are you thinking about creating a home security system as a DIY project? If so, you can cobble together certain electronics to make your own home security system. For example, you can get some old laptop webcams, wire them to USB cables, and connect them all to a dedicated computer. With the right software program, you can run your cameras 24/7 and save the video files to your hard drive.

While it’s possible to make your own home security system, it’s not ideal. So much can go wrong. Here’s why you should hire a professional.

Professional home security companies are licensed and insured

It’s critical to have only licensed and insured professionals install a smart security system in your home. If anything goes wrong, they’ll cover the cost of repairs. If they get injured, their insurance will pay for their injuries (not your homeowners’ insurance).

Professionals can install all of your smart home devices at once, not just your security system. For instance, they can install your smart TV, your smart thermostat, and your smart lighting system. They’ll even help you connect basic electronics like modems and routers. You may as well get everything connected all at once.

Creating a DIY home security system has too many points of potential failure

Anytime you’re dealing with scavenged electronic components, you’ll have multiple points of potential failure. For example, with a DIY webcam security system, each webcam can potentially fail. If you sourced your cameras from old laptops, you don’t know what you’re working with – they could be ready to fail.

Additionally, if you splice the USB cables together by twisting them and using heat shrink instead of properly soldering the wires together, you could end up with a dead system when you need it most.

When your DIY project uses scavenged components, each scavenged component creates a potential weak spot in your project. While this might be okay for hobby projects, you don’t want your home security system to be that vulnerable. Your life could depend on the integrity of your home security system.

Professional home security systems use high-quality components

Compared to scavenging your parts from classified ad websites and literal dumpsters, a professional home security system consists of high-quality components.

While there’s always a possibility that electronic components in a pre-made system might break down, the overall system isn’t inherently risky. All electronics components are sourced new or refurbished, not from random sellers on Craigslist and eBay.

Professionally installed home security systems have been thoroughly tested

When you buy a pre-made home security system from a reputable company, you can be confident that the system has already gone through rigorous testing for quality and functionality.

For example, if a security system promises to detect motion from 50 feet away, it has been tested to determine that it can, in fact, detect motion from 50 feet away. When you buy that system, you’ll know its features and limitations. This is part of what will help you choose the right security system for your home.

You can test a DIY home security system, but not until you’ve already invested your time, money, and energy building the entire system. When you go live, if you discover something that doesn’t work, you’ll need to remake that component and potentially the entire system.

Pre-made smart home security systems are smarter than DIY systems

When it comes to smart home tech, nothing beats pre-made systems. All connected devices run on the same software and the process is pretty smooth.

With DIY smart home security, you might not be able to install the same software on all devices involved in the system. To make up for this lack, you’ll need to create workarounds that will make your system more complex.

DIY smart home security systems are a great hobby project

There’s no doubt that many DIYers will love making a smart home security system. If you love working with your hands and electronics, building a security system is definitely a fun project. Some designs are elaborate and challenging, which is what many DIYers want. However, a DIY security system project should remain a hobby rather than something you rely on every day.

In a serious situation, it’s not worth the risk that DIY systems present. A professionally installed smart home security system is the best way to protect your home, your belongings, and your family.

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