5 Reasons Why You Need a Corduroy Hat

A lot of hats are made of wool, cotton, polyester, buckram, and rubber. Corduroy is also a material used in making hats. It is, however, not famous like the other materials. It was a popular material loved in the fashion scene. The trends went down drastically while the other materials quickly picked up. 

Fortunately, corduroy hats are back with a bang. There are some benefits that corduroy hats give you that you will never find in the hats made of other materials. If you have been skeptical about buying a corduroy hat, you are in the right place. In this article, we detail the reasons why you should get a corduroy hat. By the end of this, you sure will be ordering corduroy hats from your favorite store. Let’s get started. 

Corduroy hats are Stylish and classic

Corduroy reached the peak of its trendiness in the 70s. The trend later declined drastically after the early 2000s. In the past few years, the fashion scene has been reviving the 70s, and the 90s look. And corduroy has not been left behind. It is here for the better. 

Corduroy hats give you a classic and stylish 70s look. 

Want to know how valuable corduroy is? Corduroy was popular in France by the 1700s. It was referred to as Corde du ROI, which loosely translates to ‘king’s garment.’ It was a material reserved for people leaving a luxurious lifestyle. To date, corduroy still maintains its high social class status. 

Reviving the 70s fashion will have people asking you where you get your wardrobe from. It is just elegant and stylish. 

Corduroy hats are unique

A lot of people go for cotton, polyester, and woolen hats. You can never stand out if you follow this wind. If you love to be seen as the trendsetter, then a corduroy hat will suit you best. The corduroy is a daring fashion trend reserved for confident people who understand the fashion scene accurately. 

If you want to stand out from the rest, get you a corduroy hat. 

Strength and durability

Corduroy is sturdy, thanks to its combination of durable fabrics. Cotton gives it a soft feel, making it one of the most comfortable materials for hats in the market. It is, however, made strong by the other synthetic materials added in it. The elements responsible for the strength of corduroy are polyester or nylon. 

If you purchase a corduroy hat, you are sure to use it longer than other regular hats. Buying it guarantees its ability to resist tear and wear for a lot of years. 

Corduroy Hat is Easy to clean

Cleaning your hats can be quite hectic, especially if you choose to follow the daunting procedures recommended by the manufacturers. This, fortunately, is not the case with corduroy. With corduroy, you are assured of more relaxed cleaning sessions.

It would be best if you did not clean your corduroy hat regularly. All you have to do is treat the stains whenever they occur. After some time of wearing it, or once you notice any stubborn stains, you can take your corduroy hat to your dry-cleaner for professional cleaning.

The more straightforward cleaning procedures for corduroys make it a low maintenance accessory. It is not every day you get to acquire something high quality that is low maintenance. This is made possible by a few items, such as the corduroy material.

Corduroy is rigid

Hats need a sturdy material to keep them in shape. You do not want to purchase a daddy hat or a snapback that is fluffy. It would be best if you had its body well structured. Corduroy hats have a perfectly rigid body that is perfect for every hat lovers.

Corduroy is warm

Caps are fashionable for cold weather. Corduroy material is heavy and warm. Purchasing a corduroy hat that can be pulled down to the ears will protect you from the cold during winter. The scalp protects your ears and scalp from the cold weather.

A lot of people would use beanies and other woolen hats for the winter. Having a corduroy hat for the winter would be amazing, for you will be able to stand out and protect yourself at the same time. 


Corduroy is a high-quality material that makes excellent caps. It was used anciently by people in a high social class. The princely material later became less popular. It is quickly coming up. It is, fortunately, retaining its lavish status, that you would love to add to your closet.

High-quality corduroy caps are classy, luxurious, sturdy, easy to maintain, easy to clean, warm, soft, and comfortable. Obtaining one would make you revive the classic look and stand out from the rest. You would never want to miss the benefits of corduroy hats. 

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