The 3 Cafe Items That You Should Brand in 2020

Setting up a coffee shop can be a lucrative business in your country, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task. In addition to innovating in revenue and ensuring excellent service, we need to invest in the right equipment and utensils – that is, to ensure employee productivity and the quality of products offered.

Some of the item in your café you can make them a brand. Creating a branded item is profitable for you. So I will tell you now, what type of café item that you should brand and what thing will require making a coffee shop.

Cafe Items That You Should Brand

Coffee paper cups:

Coffee paper cups can easily be branded. At first, make your own branded logo or create a name then print out on your coffee. You can make your coffee cups with a branded logo sticker or label.

Coffee sleeves:

Coffee is an extra feature for a coffee shop, its use as a utensils item of a café. You can try to make a different brand with coffee sleeves. Only one thing you have to do and that fixes a branded label on your coffee sleeves.

Coffee bags:

Coffee bag is a crucial part of a coffee business and also of a café shop. So, you can turn your ordinary coffee bags into brand coffee bags. Usually, you have to do, fix your logo on your coffee bags.

What does a coffee shop need to have?

The cafeteria is a type of business that is related to personal satisfaction, besides pure gastronomy. The barista is the coffee professional who knows everything from grain sorting to differentiated beverage recipes.

Equipment and utensils needed to set up a coffee shop

Due to the popularization of coffee shops that Brazil has witnessed in recent years, it is no exaggeration to say that there are thousands of options when it comes to special cafeteria equipment and utensils. However, some are always indispensable for any cafeteria because they add value to the product, guarantee the productivity of employees, and allow the preparation of products different from the pure “past coffee.” Which ones are they?

Equipment: Espresso machine; Coffee grinder; Drawer; Water filter; Cash register or computer; Coffee bags; Coffee paper cups; 

Utensils. Brushes for cleaning filter holders; Whipped cream bottle; 500ml stainless steel jugs; Small cups; Coffee sleeves; 

How to choose the ideal equipment and utensils for the cafe?

As we mentioned, there are currently thousands of options for coffee equipment and utensils available on the market, which vary significantly in price and quality. Therefore, before you go shopping, it is crucial to be aware of the three criteria:

Product quality:

Check the reputation of a particular make and model on the Internet, through sites like Reclaim, YouTube reviews, and even social networks.

Service Structure:

When talking to salespeople, keep in mind that poor and slow service is always a sign of inadequate service. So ask all the questions you need and ask for product demos – if you feel the seller is reluctant or lowering the price too much, be suspicious.

Technical assistance:

Like any other equipment, cafeteria machines can be complicated and defective over time. To avoid surprises and lose customers when the espresso machine stops working, for example, it is crucial to have the best possible service.

It is also noteworthy that the espresso machine is considered the “heart” of the cafeteria, as it directly interferes with the quality of the product. So invest in the right equipment and remember that cheap can be expensive.

Investment to set up a small coffee shop

The investment to open a cafeteria will vary according to region, structure, and the goals of each entrepreneur concerning the business. The average is that you need anywhere from $ 90 to $ 250,000 to open a well-structured cafe in a great location.

For those who want to start a small cafeteria with low investment, you can start at about $ 25 thousand. Even in a bustling place, it is possible to find a small commercial point and set up a mini cafeteria in it. There are several cases of people who have been able to set up a cafeteria even less than this amount, but this is currently the average you will need to invest.

This is the kind of information you can get from building your business planning – that’s why it is so essential to make the plan right, well-grounded, and detailed. Do not forget that financial investment is not enough alone!

It would be best if you were willing to invest your dedication, study, sweat, and a lot of work. The business will only work if you are a present entrepreneur. What good knows how to set up a coffee shop with little money if you are not willing to pay the price to succeed in the area?

Is it worth opening a coffee shop?

One question that always goes through the mind of those who are planning to invest in this business is whether it is worth it or not. The answer is yes, it pays a lot to spend in coffee shops today. This is a type of business that has existed for many years and yet remains firm and strong in the market.

So it is always a good option for those who identify with the area and want to set up something different to meet the clientele. Right here in my town is a boy who set up a small coffee shop in a neighborhood where many offices are concentrated. Being close to an audience that is looking for coffee and fast snacks, he is getting great results.

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