Best Mobile Apps to Manage Your Business

Best Mobile Apps to Manage Your Business While Travelling

Travelling for business can be a pleasant experience, but at times, it can be a bit stressful. To reduce the level of stress, we have come up with a list of the best mobile applications that will help you manage your business during your travel. 



It is an incredible application that lets you carry contracts and other essential documents that must be signed with you during this trip. It is easy for you to draft the legally binding documents that you and the client have to sign from your tablet or smartphone.

After the papers have been signed, you can forward the signed copy to the people back at your office. It will help them review it immediately for approval. To protect the highly sensitive documents, DocuSign also encrypts the documents when you send them. 


Sonya, an associate, working with TAE, says that every time she’s out there travelling for business or wants to manage business remotely during her travel, she uses the TripIt app. Well, this app is indeed helpful. In the application, you can sort and place your entire itinerary sorted and organized in one place.

So, all the information you might need for your trip, the meeting information, hotel bookings, or the flight schedules, TripIt can help keep it all accessible, and organize it in a calendar for you. One of the most notable features of the application is that you can easily forward all the confirmation emails you have to your TripIt account. The app will automatically sort everything for you.

The application is available for platforms like Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. The basic version of the app is free, and the pro version will cost $49 a year. 

KPI Alerts

It is a must-have tool on your phone. The application will help you monitor the metrics, which matter the most to your business. It will deliver the alerts, KPIs, and trends that you depend on the most irrespective of your location.

The application sends your business reports filled with context, making it easy for you to manage the risk by taking action on the small issues before they grow into more significant problems. It is the best application to help you improve your revenue by grabbing opportunities before they slip from your hands. 


Dan, an associate with TrumpLearning, says he always uses the Shake application, while he is on the go. It is a perfect app for small businesses and freelancers. Shake is the application that can help you close your deals with the security of a legal contract, without paying for the lawyer fee.

The app has a pre-installed library with a bunch of comprehensible templates for businesses, which you might need. It will help you create legal documents in minutes. Once the documents are prepared, you can have all the parties sign them, and then send the signed copy of the binding agreements to your iPhone or iPad or any other iOS device.


It is a convenient and excellent application for entrepreneurs to manage their business with the app. You can schedule your appointments, communicate with your team via emails or SMSs, process payments via phone, and send email invoices while on the go.

While planning the meetings, you will never have to worry about forgetting about an appointment or double-checking the time and schedule of the appointment. It is because, after the confirmation of the meeting, it will sync with your calendar automatically.

The application provides a low payment processing fee and has a quick turnaround time for payments to be processed in the accounts. 


The application has completely revamped conference calling as it allows the users to schedule and set up conference calls right from their smartphone. You can start a meeting seamlessly without needing a PIN code.

With the app, you can also build a rapport and relationship by knowing the background of the person you are meeting with via browsing through their social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, or Facebook.

It is a great way to have more efficient and productive meetings. You can control hang-ups and mutes, share screens, and even record the meeting session. 

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