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Best Free SMS Tracker Apps for Android in 2020

Best Free SMS Tracker Apps for Android:

Today smartphones come fully powered with some amazing features and apps. This device helps the user to interact with everyone across the globe. Being a protective parent, it becomes really tough to monitor every digital activity of our children. Do you think that your child is interacting with a wrong person?

Best Free SMS Tracker Apps for Android in 2020 1

Not to worry, as you can make use of SMS tracker app to know about your child daily mobile activity. These days, internet is full of parental controlling apps and tool that allow parent to stay updated with our child digital activities. Here, we are going to discuss some of the top SMS tracking apps that will make your life a bit easier. All the given apps are ranked according to the customer satisfaction ratio. 

  • SMS tracker

First in our list is app it is one of the best apps on our list, but it is not a Google store version. Usually, all tracking apps on a store can’t behave like spyware and need to show icon in their notifications to demonstrate they’re running in the background. Thus, version of the SMS tracker accessible in the play store is of no exception. It makes less of the secret SMS spying software because one may discover & uninstall this locking you out.

There’s the disguised version of an app accessible at SMS tracker site that calls as “system health” of your phone and doesn’t show any particular icon in your notifications area. It is a better version you can have though good antivirus apps will detect the presence and can warn you when installing this app.

  • mSpy 

Suppose you are looking for the SMS tracker for your iPhone without jailbreaking, you can consider installing mSpy on your phone. The program allows you to spy on the text messages with no spy app to install and without any jailbreaking of your device. In a way this app works is very easy: you just need the iCloud information of the mobile user and ensure the “iCloud Backup” is ON (for an iOS device: Go on your Settings and iCloud and Backup, and turn on the iCloud Backup).

Then, you will have to sign in to your mspy account & enter your iCloud user and pass of your Apple device that you want to monitor. When it is right setup, you will come to know what they can do on your iPhone or iPad from mSpy account. The best part of using mspy app is that it is totally undetectable, and do not worry about user finding out they’re getting monitored.

  • GuestSpy

So here comes the next popular mobile tracking application that enables you to view messages of the other person, call log, and web browser history. Keylogger, geofencing, monitor IM chats, GPS tracking, and more, it can run in the stealth mode. Also, you do not need to root the android phone and jailbreak iPhone just to make this useful. The app is full of intricate and outstanding features such as capturing the screenshots & video preview. The advanced features aren’t offered by other tracking app makers.

For sure this is one amazing app, however, there are a few complaints about the functions. But, it supports all the android versions and even higher versions as well as supports iOS10.0.0 or higher version. GuestSpy is one most attractive spy software with many amazing features, but, ultimate edition provides all functions but some aren’t operated on IOS platform.

  • iKeyMonitor Android

iKeyMonitor Android app offers an extra layer of the protection that will safeguard your children from any serious dangers of the internet world. Besides monitoring the text messaging activities on your children Android phone, one can check their web browsing activities and even games that they are playing regularly.

iKeyMonitor Android application offers you complete power of recording all the text messages on phone, web history, chats, and takes screenshots & sends them on your email for the close monitoring. Besides these surveillance methods, you can pinpoint location of your kid’s phone by using the GPRS services. In this way you will keep the protective eye on your kids without appearing paranoid and infringing onto their privacy.

Final Words 

Texting tracking applications are an amazing asset that will ensure our family’s safety, partner’s faithfulness and business security. Those 4 SMS tracking applications have got some amazing benefits; just make sure you choose the best one from the list.


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