6 Things to Do When You're Short on Rent

6 Things to Do When You’re Short on Rent


The stretch approaching the first of the month can feel stressful with rent and other bills due. Some months, you just don’t have it, like a third of Americans this past July.

Unfortunately, the landlord won’t hear of it. So, keep reading to learn of ways to get quick money when you’re short on rent.

  1. Take Out a Loan

Borrowing money from friends and family can put stress on the relationship. Oftentimes people feel more generous at the moment than they do while waiting for you to scrape up the cash to pay them back.

Take out a payday loan from Bonsai Finance if you need help getting on your feet. Sometimes this is all you need to get yourself into a better earning position. Just make sure you only take out what you can realistically pay back so this asset does not turn into a greater liability.

  1. Sell Stuff Online

People often hold onto hidden treasures in their homes. Look around for stuff you never use.

People will buy clothing, furniture, kitchenware, collectors’ items, etc. Use online garage sale sites and post good pictures to potentially get the cash that same day!

  1. Work Door to Door

Make money the good old fashioned way! Go door to door asking neighbors to hire you for something they need!

Offer to shovel driveways, mow lawns, or rake, depending on the season. If you see they need something specific, like a gutter cleaning, offer it at a fair price.

This will take serious labor. But, you will feel good paying a well-earned rent.

  1. Give Rides

Get yourself on an app like Uber or Lyft to receive immediate payment for driving people to where they need to go. Going to a heavily populated area can get you a lot of rides. 

The ride itself may not make you much, but find ways to make bigger tips. Start by keeping your vehicle clean.

Act extra friendly and let them drive a conversation that they enjoy. Ask what type of music they prefer, and have playlists ready to load. 

Invest in a cheap pack of bottled waters to hand out. Little details can bake a big difference.

  1. Babysit

If you know ahead of time that you will fall short at the first of the month, this is how to make money fast. Put up an offer on social media to babysit on your time off.

Parents often need last-minute help or would just enjoy the break. Depending on where you live, you can charge a good amount for babysitting! Take on two or three kids at a time and you will bank!

  1. Discuss Options With Your Landlord

If you pull out every stop and still fall short, then talk with your landlord. Remember, they are human too.

If you always pay on time but simply did not know how to pay rent this month due to hardship, then they may work with you. Some may tack on a fee while others will appreciate the honest heads up and push your deadline back.

Think Fast When You’re Short On Rent

When you find yourself short on rent, think fast to make smart decisions. Don’t ever feel stuck! Taking out a loan and finding other ways to make quick cash will help! 

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