5 Instagram Ads Best Practices for Your Real Estate Business

Instagram is a visual social media platform that people love to scroll to see stunning photos and videos. Based on the findings of Recode, an average IG visitor spends at least 53 minutes daily on this social site. Then, if you have a real estate business, there is no better platform than Instagram to promote your property business. 

When it comes to real estate marketing, it is difficult because of stiff competition, and gaining trust is not so easy. However, if you are smart with your Instagram marketing, your return on investment will bear fruitful results. People visit this photo-sharing site to see stunning images, and so you need to use this platform to display your beautiful apartment homes, villas, and other properties. 

According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, Instagram is all about visuals and therefore, share numerous posts of properties, neighborhood listings, communities, and events. Here are the five Instagram Ads best practices for your property business: 

  1. Focus on local 

When you first use your Instagram Ad, you will find several options concerning how to create your targeted audience. The most essential targeting choice for property marketers is going local and put together this, as soon as possible. 

The best thing about IG is that you may get quite particular when it comes to location targeting using a defined radius and zip code. This way, you can display your ads only to those people who show genuine interest in your property. Make certain to add those places where your targeted audience seems to move from to attain better ad results. 

For example, let us consider that you sell properties to people on the North Shore approximately 30 minutes to 35 minutes from Boston. However, your target is from the city rentals. It means that you need to target the towns you sell homes as well as the city to gain some new leads,which are probable to move. 

  1. Set definite objectives 

You first need to figure out why you are promoting your real estate business on Instagram. Do you want to build user engagement, especially those looking for buying their first home? You may also target renters keen on signing an annual lease. Again, you want to foray into a completely new market or want to raise some awareness in the location your property business is serving currently. No matter what your goals are, you need to set up an Instagram Ad campaign that defines your target audience. 

Defining your goals in advance will help you do the configuring efficiently as far as your first ad campaign is concerned. It would also assist you with the remaining ad campaign process, especially when it comes to selecting an ad format, for instance, a static photo ad vs. video ad, or a carousel ad or Instagram story ad. 

Make sure you have a clear objective in your mind in the entire process to make sure you are on the right track. Whether it comes to selling your property lingering for many months or building engagement with an untapped market in a competitive city your business is trying to foray into. Once you build engagement, garnering Like4Like is not difficult at all. 

  1. Make the best of carousel ads to display more of every home

Instagram adshave more than one format so you do not stick to the same thing repeatedly. The best one is the carousel ad format through which you can display your beautiful property, more of it. You can show many visuals of the same home in a catalog-like form so that your targeted audience can scroll through the images. You can show multiple rooms including the living, dining, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Again, you can also display the apartment gym center, swimming pool, garden area, meditation zone, and kid’s play area through IG carousel ads. 

The carousel format will provide you with numerous opportunities to attract new leads through stunning visuals. You can also show a beautiful modular kitchen from various angles through this ad format. Show the zoomed-out view, a closer view of the kitchen, the oven section, or the tile detailing. 

Therefore, explore more when it comes to Instagram ads and do not stick to a single static image. Show some creativity when you use carousel ads, especially different features of a property so that your prospective customers can picture themselves living in that home. 

  1. Instagram visuals must appeal to a specific lifestyle

You need to use jaw-dropping imageries in your Instagram ad to pique customer interest. Hire professional photographers to do the job because you need to appeal to a specific lifestyle using stunning visuals. 

For example, if your targeted audience is Millennials working in top corporations, they’re habituated to a plush lifestyle. Your images should make an impact to trigger their interest. You need to integrate these aspects into your ad copy as well because the first impression is the last impression. When you succeed to appeal to a particular or most sought-after lifestyle using high-quality visuals, you can get a clear hook when it comes to new leads. 

Use the work of professional photographers for crisp, eye-catching visuals that match with the style of your apartment homes for sale. 

  1. Use video ads to bring life to your properties 

Pique audience attention with stunning, attention-grabbing videos of dream homes instead of using still images. Videos have the potential to pull prospective buyers compared to static visuals. Based on the findings of reputed real estate marketers, video listings receive 403 percent more customer inquiries compared to ads without videos on Instagram. 

Buying a new home is a huge investment for customers and therefore, videos prove more effective than other ad formats when making a decision. For example, if you have a model apartment, you can give your audience a tour of the same, the different rooms, the kitchen, spa-like bathroom, and the balcony or terrace overlooking the pool or garden. 


These are some of the Instagram Ads best practices to push your real estate sales through stunning images, carousels, videos, and smart ad copy. Use IG and reap the maximum benefits to generate leads and sales. 

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