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Faceapp unlocked APK has all the premium features unlocked for free which you need to pay for using it, otherwise.
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FaceApp Pro lets you take selfies and transform these selfies into various amazing-looking transfigurations. A brilliant App just came into the market and is now trending. People are using the face app worldwide. It offers many features like playing fun with gender, hair styling, swapping, and many other funny transformations. The most trending feature is to revise your face into old-looking physiognomy.

FaceApp and the Pro Savage Shock of Aging

Several years ago, I was returning home from my office. In the hustle and bustle of the road, I was looking at the traffic while waiting for my bus. On that road, the traffic was jammed and all vehicles were in a load of the horn. Of sudden, I see the man who was much older than me was also staring at me. I thought that he could be a sibling of mine. I was seeing him for almost 5 minutes unless the traffic going to decrease and the car moved away.
Actually, the guy I was looking for was mine. I was looking in the mirror of the car but the mirror was showing me very old – maybe this was because of water on the mirror because that day there was a slow rain. But that incident shocked me – what will happen after 20 years? I was very scared of seeing an old face of mine.
faceapp gender swap
Today after the release of FaceApp & FaceApp Pro APK – I remembered that rainy day. Yes, you can now see what you will look like when you get older. FaceApp Pro Unlocked lets you remember your older version. The app is so realistic that we can imagine ourselves the same the app gives our transfiguration. With FaceApp Pro we can explore more pro features of the app. The FaceApp Pro deserved to be used – it is very realistic to us.

FaceApp has dominant features like

  1. Hollywood-ready selfies with the Impression filters
  2. Change hair color and style
  3. Apply perfect evening or day makeup
  4. Find your perfect beard/mustache style
  5. Add a beautiful smile
  6. Replace the background with a single tap
  7. You can many filters like lens blur, color filters, and many more features
  8. PRO Swap genders
  9. Let AI find your best hairstyle and color
  10. Change your age
  11. Add amazing tattoos
  12. Let AI find the best style for you
  13. Various filters like Heisenberg, Hitman filters, and many other transfigurations

FaceApp Pro Gender Swap

This weekend FaceApp is going to be trending for Young aged people. 80% of its consumers are male and under the age of 45. The best feature of FaceApp Pro is gender swap. Young generations loved this feature and got the FaceApp pro app for free because some of its users can’t pay the actual price and want to see their future-looking aged faces.
faceapp age transformation

Download FaceApp PRO APK for free

Those users who can’t afford the pro feature of the face app can now get free. There are two options available. One is to download the free version of this app, second, you can grab the pro app for free. But keep in mind that only those who can’t afford the app are ethically allowed to download the pro app. The users who can purchase the app are requested to download the free version and purchase it on the play store.


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