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Games are a part of life. Games can be outdoor or indoor. Both types of games are beneficial for us. It refreshes our mind as well as keep us healthy. If you are tenderness in playing a collection of games, you might have been playing mobile tales. It is the most livable game after PUBG. People spend most of their time playing various games and get a full diversion from it. 

Premium features: 

Gamers are attracted by the premium features of the games. Premium features include colors of the skin of the hero, the effect of the background, the direction of the game and the battle effect, and many other things. For the better premium features the user jettison of money. If we do not want to spend money and want the best premium features, an app is available which is known as EZ stars.

EZ stars APK is a free capability for ML players. It can revise the features of games as well. It is an appropriate app and profitable for android users. It is a simple adjustment application. 


There are a plenty type of features in this application. EZ stars have a lot of features for the users as the users are attracted by direction, colours, and many other features of games. Ez stars give the feature of background, the skin of characters, and especially battle effect without lending money. Skin premium color plays an important role in games.ML include wizard, soldier and rap, and many more.


The background contains three various types of themes. The background includes five options. For selecting the background we have options such as a spouse, boundary and mi themes, and many others. The battle effect is very important and it is the last step. The last selection is the battle effect which contains options like recollection, information, communication, and most important originate and many more options. Most of the game users like acquit resources to play different games so EZ stars are the outshine parole resource to play any type of games for the users. EZ stars are not accessible on the google play store. If the gamer wants access to EZ stars, the gamer can download it from any third-party source. This reason that google does not allow such type of application to users because it gives free premium features to the user of games. It is not harmful to the users. This application is opposing and across the politics of Google so that is the reason it cannot be found on the google play store. Almost a thousand or more than a thousand game users are using this type of application as it is not harmful to the users.


EZ stars is an android incapacitate application. If the gamer faces any problem then the gamer can look at all various types of questions. The real estate investor has mentioned all types of problems faced by the games the inventor has also provide the solution to those problems. If still, you face any problem you can contact them through the remark section.

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