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App ID com.supremevue.ecofactorwrapper
Size 5.4 MB
Version 4.7
Updated 2022-04-01
Developer SupremeVue

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Please note that EcoFactor has been sold and there have been multiple changes to their systems. As a result this app is no longer guaranteed to be working!

The ONLY application for EcoFactor/mPowered thermostats that works on Android 5.x+ and Android Wear, allows for quick and easy changes for thermostat settings, allows you to manage your templates, allows you to create/update thermostat schedules, and provides you with usage reporting.

Geofence feature for automatic Away/Home modes!
Support for Android Wear
Widget for quick view of thermostats.
Opt out of Energy Events!
Support for forcing thermostat to follow your schedules if EcoFactor has changed them (*Paid users only).
Usage and Savings reports are available for you to review.
FAQ section now available.

This app allows you to view and change your EcoFactor/ mPowered thermostat settings, set away/back modes, change HVAC/Fan modes, manage schedules, manage templates, change thermostat names, view last read time, and edit away times for EcoFactor / mPowered enabled thermostats.

You can view all of your EcoFactor / mPowered controlled thermostats by location, current temperature information, outside temperature, average indoor temperature, and average neighbor temperature (to see how your settings compare). Moving between thermostats is as easy as swiping left or right or clicking the tabs. You can change individual thermostat settings, set specific away settings, and disable away mode. Turning off your HVAC or Fan for individual thermostats is also supported.

Please do read the notes though to understand limitations of this application. Send any issues or questions to [email protected].

Note that EcoFactor has made it impossible for us to update this app as of 2018. We will continue to provide Android updates but no new features will be coming. Unfortunately this also prevents us from doing account based trouble shooting. We appreciate your understanding.

★ View and choose from multiple locations.
★ View and change temperatures for all thermostats.
★ Temperatures displayed to two decimal places.
★ Quickly change HVAC and Fan modes.
★ Set Away/Back mode.
★ Edit away times when in Away mode.
★ Manage thermostat schedules
★ Manage schedule templates
★ Change thermostat name
★ View average indoor, neighbor, and outdoor temperatures.
★ View usage and savings reports.
★ Override any changes EcoFactor might make to your thermostat settings.
★ Opt out of Energy Events
★ Configurable Widget for quick view of thermostats
★ Android wear notifications and widget-like view of thermostats

Please note the following:
1) Any updates to the EcoFactor web site will most probably break this application as it relies on the current web site to perform it’s magic.
2) There is limited error checking currently as there is no documentation on what to expect as a response from the web site. Please be understanding when those situations occur and provide feedback to us at [email protected] so that we can investigate the issue and potentially provide a fix.
3) Current temperature is displayed to two decimal places so that you can understand why your heating/cooling is running even when it appears to be at temperature. This comes directly from the thermostat and is not an estimate.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an official EcoFactor or mPowered application (nor are we affiliated in any way with your energy company or other provider) and only read information available from the EcoFactor web site and do not connect to your thermostats directly. If your thermostats show as disconnected or you suspect other issues, login to the actual EcoFactor web site to verify the application shows the same information or contact your energy company for assistance.

What's new

*Minor fixes and library updates

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