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Divine Drive


Apply spiritual practices to enhance mindfulness & awareness thru introspection.
Parasdham India
Mar 26, 2019
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Divine Drive: An inspiration by Rashtrasant Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb.
To develop spirituality, it requires daily practice. Listening to Spiritual discourses and practically implementing them are two different things. To know the principles is different from being aware!
Man desires happiness, peace and prosperity and strives hard to create this reality. He undergoes hardships and stress. He sets goals but it is a struggle to abide by the set norms to achieve the goals. There are some who crave the path of soul purification, who know the importance of this human birth, who struggle with their identity and search fervently the reason for his existence.
However, man is entangled in his busy life and hardly has time to go in search of his true identity? Life is a struggle… an uphill task…school, college, job, work, business, family take up so much time, that in our day to day life he falls short of time, effort and energy.
So Divine drive is here at your fingertips. A spiritual growth tracker that enables you to uplift and elevate self. Divine Drive is the journey on the royal road to seek one's divinity which lies within us. Divine Drive implies experiencing the soul in this materialistic world and breaking the shackles of karmas.
A spiritual score will be maintained of the daily and weekly tasks that enables one to observe and monitor growth. How have I done this week? Have I gone ahead in my sadhanas? Have I progressed in my spiritual levels? What was my thought process?
Nityakram: A specific daily practice that allows you to monitor your actions and habits and thus bring about a positive change.
Bhaav Tarang: Monitor your moods and your attitudes. For eg happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety and self-rate yourself on how was your mood today?
Sadhana: This involves Mantra jaap and meditation. Your trainer to happiness, peace and divinity.
MVK challenge: The three vehicles that ensure our success, our mind, words and actions (mann, vachan and kaya) An activity to be conducted once a week /daily which is challenging and requires a little extra effort to accomplish it.
Milestones: connect one's routine life with the spirituality residing in each of us. It will give a new dimension to look at everyday activities, actions and things. This will be posted in the morning to be accomplished within 24 hours.
Ahaa moments: Sharing energises, sharing elevates and sharing goodness doubles it while sharing negatives reduce it. A wall where the upashaks can post their experiences.
Confession: Suppressing a guilt can cause harm. Confessions are sent directly to the Pujya Gurudev who has the vision to guide you and the power to forgive you. Confessions completely lighten you.
Spiritual Score: An individual and group score is maintained to tracks one’s progress, one’s strengths and areas of improvement.
Messages: Alerts will be sent as reminders for important events and tasks.
It is intended to be a tool to help put practical teachings into action as you follow your own path to mindfulness and spirituality. This will help you apply ‘IT’ in your busy life.

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Mar 26, 2019

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