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Cuballama is an application through which you can send money to anyone, from anywhere on their cell around the world. This app is designed for the convenience of its users so that they can easily send money from one place to another and to recharge phones.
This app is really convenient for those who live in a different country from their friends and family and want to send some money to them, then from this app through your mobile, you can easily transfer money without any trouble, if you are someone facing difficulties that how to send money to your family, living in another country than with this app, you can send it to them easily

Free to Download:

This app is free to download, you need to have internet to download this app and simply by clicking on the download, you can get this app and there is no kind of subscription needed for that. Just by installing it, you can start using it and it is the simplest and easiest way to recharge your phone and through this, you can call anyone to Cuba and worldwide at reasonable prices.
 This app doesn’t require more data to use so you can download it without any sort of unease and the most interesting point about this application is that you can send free text messages to anyone. You can trust this app totally to help you send money from one person to another on their phone.

For Android And IOS, Both users:

This application is available on both Play Store and App store, which means that no matter whether you are having an Android or iPhone you can access this application on both without any sort of payment to download this App and transfer money more conveniently to your loved ones around the world and in Cuba. This app is all you need to be in contact with your friends and family in more affordable prices than any other way, As through this application you can send free text messages to them

Fast and Easy to Access:

This is a user a friendly app which means that you don’t need to make any sort of account or to log in before using it, it is very simple and easy to use after by installing it you are good to go which means that you can comfortably send money and also can recharge your phone with this application. It’s super easy and fast to use and with its help, you can transfer money speedily.
So if you are someone that has to send some money at home weekly or monthly then this app can save your effort and time too. After installing it you can send money from your phone even if you are work or anywhere else. 

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