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Coffin Nails

App ID littleappas.coffinnails
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Nail shapes: Oval, rounded and almond
Rounder nail shapes are less natural on most nails. To purchase them, you will need specific cuts. If your nails are in a shorter stage, you can start modeling gradually, according to the growth. Once a week, make small round cuts, according to your preferred shape. In a few months, your nails are big and beautiful! From there, you will need to do maintenance to maintain the format reached.We offer you labels that you can find in coffin nail art, coffin nail designs, coffin nails app, long coffin nails in the application.

Then check out some ideas on how to use your nails in this style. If you want to learn more about the almond shape.

This is the simplest model, however, it needs a lot of attention. To keep your nails super short, just cut them periodically. It seems too simple, but what many people don’t know is that nails that are too short can cause problems. The nails have a protective layer on the bottom, which makes the connection and protection of the skin. Take care not to exceed this limit, and keep infections away from your nails.

To adhere to this model, the first step is to cut the sides of the nails diagonally, using pliers, so that your nail is similar to a triangle. Then, the nails need to be sanded too thin the sides. To prevent your nails from being bent, a great tip is: mark in the center of the nail with a drop of nail polish and sand until you reach the central point.

After modeling, the idea is to cover the nails in a stiletto shape with a strengthening base. This is recommended because nails tend to become brittle after the sanding process. This way, you keep them perfect.

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