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9 Useful Apps and Tools for AdSense Publishers

11 Jul, 2019 APKFuel No Comments

Google AdSense helps publishers to make revenue while placing google ads on their blogs, videos or apps. It provides a simple console to manage ads and see detailed analytics of revenue data. There are utilities apps and tools available to enhance your experience with google adsense.
These utility apps may play a vital role for adsense publishers, for example, you cannot click your own ad. This is prohibited and might lead to account cancellation so what if you want to test the ad or to click the ad for some reason? And sometimes you might click the ad unintentionally and this is too risky because Google can disable your account without notifying you.  
To solve this problem google offers its adsense publishers to use Google Publisher Toolbar. It is a chrome extension that helps publishers to view analytics data, revenue and all other up-to-date information of adsense account.

iPhone and Android Apps:

You can use the below apps to enhance your experience with the google adsense:

  • Earning Monitor: 2 in one
  • Adsense Course
  • Adsense Point
  • Quick Adsense

[Android apps]

Earning Monitor:

The app offers 2 in one service. If you use Admob and adsense both then you can try this app. One major benefit for using this app is that you can monitor your both account adsense and AdMob in the same app i.e you don’t need to switch two apps for both accounts.

Adsense Course:

This app may be best for you if you’re a beginner to adsense. You can learn the basics of adsense including how to approve the account, how to get more revenue, adsense basic rules, etc..  The app contains the following table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Adsense
  3. How to improve your adsense earnings
  4. Website monetization
  5. What to Avoid
  6. Resources

[iPhone apps]

Adsense Point:

The app design is so fantastic which attracts users to use the app. It reports real-time statistics including today’s earnings, CPC, CTR, RPM, monthly page views and many more. It reports earning in the same currency as selected in adsense account.

Quick Adsense:

It reports rapid real-time statistics of adsense. If you’re a very busy person then this app is best suited for you. The pro version comes with extra fast service and very beutiful design. The pro version also provides advanced features like Platform, Ad format, Ad unit, Ad Unit Size, Targeting Type, URL channel, Custom Channel, Bid Type, and Buyer network.

Mac and Windows Apps

Adsense Console:

Adsense Console is a type of dashboard which reports real-time data like Today So Far Earning, Pageviews, CTR, CPC, Impressions, RPM, yesterday/month earning comparison widget. Now it comes with extra feature like Windows Live Tile to deliver this information.

MacAdsense (For Mac):

It provides data related to earnings, eCPM values for the current month, clicks, and the extrapolated earnings for the whole month (by using a very simple rule-of-three method) on your dashboard. But one disadvantage of using this app is that reporting is not real time. You have to wait 20 minutes for new updates related to earning so far, clicks, CPC and other adsense key metrics.

Ads Account Stats:

This windows app provides some advanced features as you can export to CSV file of your key metrics. It supports touch-enabled interface to provide very complex comparison like Products, Ad Unit, Size, charting for Channels, Format, Bid Type, Buyer Network, Details, etc.

Web apps & Chrome Extensions

Adsense Calculator:

It helps publishers to have a rough estimate of their adsense earning. It takes three arguments as input and calculates the estimated earning. Those arguments are:

  1. Daily Page Impressions
  2. CTR in %
  3. CPC – Cost Per Click


Google Publisher Toolbar:

As discussed above this toolbar helps publishers to see ads in an overlayed mode. Overlayed mode simply adds some an overlay bar to every ad appearing on a page. This overlay displays ad size, advertiser name and URL and ad type.
Publishers can see revenue report, some analytics and also can disable some unsuitable ads or the ads which publisher don’t want to put on their website.
What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comment box.

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