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6 Essential and must have SEO Apps for Android

11 Jul, 2019 APKFuel No Comments

This is not 2008 when everyone could rank their website easily on the first page of Google without doing SEO. Nowadays Website SEO has become an important factor in SERPs Rankings. You cannot rank on the first page of Google if your website loads slower and not a mobile friendly. Google itself announced that they prefer websites which are mobile friendly as well as loads faster.
Most of the Webmasters use mobile to monitor their websites so being on mobile these 6 SEO Apps for Android are the must-have applications for them.
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serp mojo app
SERP Mojo is a keyword rank checker app that checks the keyword position in real time. The app is well designed with up-to-date user experience. It provides three major search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) rankings.
How to use SERP Mojo?
One advantage of Serp Mojo over other tools is that it provides very basic usage. You just have to put the URL of your web page along with the keyword. It will fetch data and show results in real time. You also have the option to fetch results of more than one keyword and refresh the page for getting updated rankings. It also offers charts in which you can see the previous ranking by date.

Sinium SEO Tools

Sinium SEO Tools is a must-have Seo Solution app that provides approximately 54 SEO Tools. One Best thing that makes this app is a must-have is that it offers all the services in one place i.e. all in one Seo Solutions. Below are the popular tools that Sinium offers:
1. Alexa Rank
2. MozRank
3. Page Authority
4. Google SERP Keyword Position
5. PageRank Check
And the most important thing is that all SEO Services are free of cost. They use external APIs to provide all the tools. They need support from you guys. Go and download this app and leave your experience in the form of review.

SEO Backlink Tool

Off-Page SEO also includes Backlinks. Making backlinks is not an easy task, so, therefore, you may want to check real-time no. of referring domains pointing to your website so SEO Backlink Tool is a must-have mobile app for you.
Most Reliable, efficient and free tool that enables you to monitor your backlinks far easier than any other tool. You just have to put URL, it will quickly extract all the backlink data. You can also export the report in a CSV format.

SEO Check

The SEO Check app allows you to quickly review the on-page SEO. On-Page SEO is the first step towards your site optimization. That includes optimization of code, title, headings, images, meta tags and meta keywords.
Google sees both on-page optimization and off-page optimization while Bing 90% relies on on-page Optimization. So Being on Mobile this app helps you to optimize your site for better rankings. The app audit the site for page Quality, meta information, page structure, links, and Server Response time. If the site is below optimization then the app also shows some useful hints to overcome the problem.


The App submits your site to giant directories so that your new site’s existence can be known to Search Engines Quickly. If you don’t ping your site, the major Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo see your site very late. To be known quickly by Search Engines, Ping URL Services can be a good choice for newbies. So, therefore, this app provides all basic features Ping Service and it may be a good aid for your site.

Meta Tag Generator

meta tag generator seo app
Every Site needs HTML tags for SEO. Html tags are just meta information about your site’s name, description, keywords. Search Engines see the meta tags for ranking purposes so the optimization of a site includes adding the best possible and well-defined meta information by adding meta tags into your site. This app, being on mobile aid you to add some useful meta information into your site. This is the must-have app for SEO experts who use Mobile for monitoring their sites.

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