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Top 5 Music Making Apps for Android

25 Apr, 2020 APKFuel No Comments

Top 5 Music Making Apps for Android

As a talented musician, you have probably desired cheaper methods to record or make your music after trying to foot the studio bill. What if I tell you that owning a smartphone could be the musical breakthrough you have been yearning for? Well, you can now make excellent music using your phone with the help of some great music-making apps for android. We managed to pick five of the best of these apps for you and listed them below. Have a look.

FL Studio Mobile

There is no better studio experience than the one FL studio mobile offers you on your smartphone as a musical artist. This music-making App is available in almost all the current operating systems so you can enjoy using it on any device anywhere you are at home, in the studio, or on your hands using your smartphone wherever you are.
As a music creator, lots of hints and ideas tend to pop up when coming up with your masterpiece. You need not worry about missing out on any of this inclusion, as you will find within the App. Having this App is equivalent to bringing all the remarkable and rare features that you would need when creating your songs in one device. Any of the primary musical instrument you would need are all featured in the App. Here is what to expect.


  • It comes with a wide array of effects to enhance your mix.
  • A step sequencer is included for a faster percussion programming.
  • Enjoy a configurable virtual piano-keyboard with drum pads included.
  • Its MIDI control allows you to play instruments and links to knobs or sliders.
  • It allows you to capture live performances so that you can record great audio qualities.
  • It has a browser that allows you to preview samples and presets.
  • Easy project sharing abilities as you can sync to the other three mobile devices at a go or sync with installations over your network.
  • It has an inbuilt multifunction mixer that controls volume, solo, effects, and pitches, among other functions.
  • It allows you to save your music in WAV or Mp3 formats for easy sharing.


On top of creating your music to your satisfactory level, this App drags the social networking advantage along with it. It offers a platform where you and your friends can compete to make top-notch music and share your results. You can either import a track or create a brand new one from scratch with the help of creators and producers in the platform then publish the result for the worldwide BandLab community to enjoy.
What’s more, you can start a band with fellow musicians, guitarists, beatmakers, rappers and more without the stress of auditions. Getting help from the platform is also easy as all you need to do is share a message with the gurus and ask for tips to help you get better results.


  • It has world-class effects with real-time monitoring, including over 100 vocals to pick from, guitar, bass, and presets, among others.
  • It comes with a multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW) to record live audio or import, mix, splice, and tweak tracks for a perfect blend down. You can also customize track layers as you add lyrics instantly.
  • Its large loop packs allow you to DJ like a pro. It enables you to build an orchestra of sounds, add some reverb or do a freestyle as you create a new mixtape while at it.
  • It presents preloaded sound packs across diverse genres to help you produce all-new grooves.
  • The App allows you to explore and get inspired by new artists, genres, and collections curated just for you to help you beat your boredom.

Beat Snap

With Beat Snap, you can create the beats that can help you create a whole song. It is free to download and very easy to use. With it, you can pick your favorite song genres among more than 135 sound packs inspired by genres and tracks used to create pop culture.
The App allows you to record over 32 sequences to create a full song with just a few taps and playing trying around some sounds created by international producers. Additionally, you can create sounds and mix them on the launch pad and record your performance to share with other musicians and fellow music lovers. Plus, it has other exciting features in store for you, as shown below.


  • It has 16 responsive pads with two grids for better recording.
  • It can store over 200 instruments and 500 sounds.
  • It comes with six live controllable FX to shape the sound up.
  • You can enjoy the services of a loop sequence and metronome which are available.
  • The step sequencer allows you to compose and edit your song with maximum creativity.

Music Maker Jam
This is an App ideal for beat-based music enthusiasts. If you are engrossed in r&b, hip-hop, and other beat-based music, then this is your App to consider. It narrows down all your music-making efforts into a single place. Its sound loop, studio-quality audio samples, and beats are ready to use, allowing you to make your tracks at any time effectively.
Its convenient user interface comes coupled with a lot of other features, as shown below.


  • It offers more than 300 sound mix packs and over 500 thousand sound loops for easy creation of your music.
  • It has access to thousands of studio-grade loops and beats for excellent mixing.
  • It allows you to record your vocals and remix tracks with a few taps and shakes on your Android phone.
  • Enjoy regular updates, new ideas, and interactive sharing options for a better overall experience.

Tunable is the musical instrument you need to play your musical instruments with some compelling visual toolkits. With it, you can play your devices with a completely innovative model making it easy and exciting to create your music. Plus, it supports a majority of familiar instruments, so you won’t run short of the instruments you need to create that unique song you want.
It offers more features that will make you enjoy working on its platform. They include the ones below.


  • It comes with a visual and accurate metronome.
  • Its tone and code generator allows you to play codes with a lot of options.
  • You can enjoy more than 18 tuning temperaments for better sound quality.
  • Its tuning indicator is super large and colorful, so you can’t miss out on it.

Final verdict
It is sometimes hard to pick for yourself the best music-making App for your android phone, especially when you have great options to choose from like the ones above. However, if you have a picture of the exact App that you need, this won’t be a challenge. Paint the image in your mind now and get yourself your ideal App today.

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