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Is Credit Karma Safe? The Biggest Mistake on Credit Karma in 2019

11 Jul, 2019 APKFuel No Comments

Credit Karma is a very popular program that you can use to check your credit score. It’s really simple to set up. It takes minutes and in that time you get to view your free credit score and it is a real credit score coming from three credit bureaus in the United States. These bureaus are:

  1. Equifax
  2. Experian, and
  3. TransUnion

There are a lot of bonuses available for using Credit Karma but I personally don’t use Credit Karma. These are some Negative Points of Credit Karma:
The bad thing about Credit Karma is that it’s giving you a score that seems better than it really is, so, for example, I had a score on Credit Karma that was around 750, now we could also look at a more important score and that’s your FICO Credit Score.

Also, see:

What’s a Fico Credit Score?

A Fico Credit Score is a score that most lenders use rather than using the scoring model of Credit Karma and I have noticed that if my credit karma score is 750 then my Fico credit score is about 650 so there exist inaccuracy in Karma Score.
That’s just what you need to worry about when you’re using Credit Karma. It might tell you that you have an excellent score that’s better than most people. And you know when your score is excellent, you can get access to loans and other things. But actually, your credit score is not as accurate as it should be.

Why Credit Karma is inaccurate?

The nature of Credit Karma is giving you a scoring model that is a little bit inflated kind of think and it is as you’re almost changing currencies.
It’s like going over to Britain with $100 US to buy your favorite consumable item like let’s say it’s a video game. We went over there for some reason and brought a hundred US dollars and then you have found out you didn’t have enough money that’s basically like what would happen if you tried to apply for an American Express Platinum Credit Card with a score on credit karma of 750, you’re gonna find out oh the real credit score that they’re looking at is actually way lower it’s actually like about a hundred points lower so you will get denied when you thought you’d get accepted.

How does Credit Karma make Money?

Credit Karma Offers Free Services to its users but how do they make money? This is interesting to know. See our Analysis on How does Credit Karma make money?


There are many scoring models available including Credit Karma and keep in mind that a FICO Credit is a reliable score that you can use when trying to get an idea of what your score is and what kind of things you can expect to borrow from different lenders.

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