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How often does Credit Karma Update Your Credit Score

11 Jul, 2019 APKFuel No Comments

In this post, we’re gonna talk about How often does Credit Karma Update Your Credit Score. Well, it is not easy to answer. It’s almost a tricky question in a way because there’s not a set answer like

  • Once per month, OR
  • Once per week

In reality, your credit score could change every single day. It just depends on how you use your credit and so, here is why your credit score is based on your credit report and every time a lender gives information to one of the credit reporting agencies then that is going to change “what’s on your credit report” and in turn that is going to change the calculation of your credit score.
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Lenders generally report once per month so if you only had one lender, I guess you could say that for the most
part, your credit score is probably only going to change once per month but for most people, they’re going to have more than one account and so their credit score is going to change on a rolling basis because of the lenders.
They do it usually on a set schedule of their own but not necessarily a set schedule that is somehow in sync with the other lenders so that means that every time a lender reports or put something on your report (update the report) that is going to change the calculation of your credit score.
Now the other thing to think about is the fact that your credit score can change even when you don’t do anything and so your credit score can change every single day and I’ll tell you that when we look at what the components of a credit score are because that will make it a little bit more clear. Credit Karma Updates Credit Score on the basis of below Components.

Credit Karma Update Your Credit Score For:

  1. Payments
  2. How much you owe
  3. Length of Credit History
  4. Credit Mix


Now the first and most important component of your credit score is your payments. So if you make your payments on time that’s good if you don’t make on time especially if you get over 30 days late obviously that is bad and will delay changing in your Credit Score.

How much You Owe

Now the second component is “how much you owe” in the course of a month. How much you owe is going to change especially if you have multiple accounts so you may have a certain amount of debt. You might make payments over here but you might buy something new over here or you might open a new account and have new debt over there so, that is going to be another component that is going to potentially change things.

The Length of Credit History

Number three is the length of your credit history that is something you can’t do anything about obviously but every day and every month your credit history grows a little longer which affects your credit score for the most part to the good because longer credit history is better than shorter credit history. And in a longer credit history account, credit karma will update your credit score more frequently.

Credit Mix

The fourth component is your credit mix that is mortgage and auto loans etc.. The more things you have and the more types of loans and credit that you have used, the better it will be for your account.


When we talk about “How often does Credit Karma Update your Credit Score”, a lot of confusions might appear in your head. This is because it is very difficult to answer. Credit Karma updates your credit score according to some components. These components are how often do you make a payment, how much you owe, the Credit length and Credit Mix. Hope you got this confusion.

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