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5 Useful Android Apps for Potential Bloggers

10 Jul, 2019 APKFuel No Comments

Almost 70% of users on the internet have mobile devices. Both the Android and iOS platforms are popular among users but Android users have dominated the internet. Even Bloggers prefer mobile devices for blogging. So Being on mobile we have created a list of 6 Best Android Apps for Bloggers.
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5 Useful Android Apps for Potential Bloggers

WordPress is a Powerful, Popular, Efficient, and Easy to use Content Management System (CMS). WordPress CMS has almost 59.5% of the CMS market share which has approximately 22,671,100 active sites online. Therefore, being on mobile almost 40% of bloggers who use WordPress as a CMS prefer WordPress Mobile App for creating and publishing content.
Most of its users use the app for viewing the site’s stats which are real-time. It shows from which countries users are accessing the site, which outbound links they click, and how they interact with your content. WordPress along with jetpack (a powerful WordPress plugin) provides the comprehensive features to become a member of the site, sharing the content and other useful features that are must-have features for bloggers.

Likewise WordPress, Bloggers is a Content Management System but It also offers publishers to host the website on Google Servers. Google is vast therefore it is fast. One advantage of bloggers over the WordPress Platform is that Google ranks websites much higher which uses bloggers platform.
So being on mobile, publishers use bloggers mobile App for creating and publishing content. You can also get a free blogger’s domain to get started. WordPress also offers a free subdomain to publish the site on WordPress.

Publishers also need this app to include relevant images into their blogs whether they are using WordPress or Bloggers Platform or other CMS. With Photo Editor you can create your own images, edit existing photos or add a caption to images, etc..
If you are on mobile and want to create and edit your images, you must try this app. If you are new to this app, you can find informative tutorials about photo editor.

Writing App for everyone who wants to improve their writing skills. This App might be interesting for researchers and bloggers. You can also read articles written by others just to enhance your reading skills. You can criticize others, can enhance your knowledge and write news yourself for others.
You can also write articles for your blogs, here is how:
write an article on writing, other members will criticize it, hence you can re-write the article for excellent response. Whenever you got a good response from other members, you can happily publish this content on your site.

This is the app is for every blogger who wants to see how one’s site performs for different users. This app lets you see

  1. Bounce Rate
  2. Session Duration, and
  3. CTR (click-through-rate)

With the help of this app, you can view your user’s country, Platform (Mobile or Computer), OS (Windows, Chrome, Android, iOS, etc.). You can also see how many users come Organically or from referrals or directly. Also, see the ultimate beginners guide to google analytics.

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