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Anti Hack: Android Booster, WiFi Doctor & Anti Spy


Protect your privacy, private activities & keep your phone secured from hacker🛡
Security And Privacy Tools
Jun 4, 2021
Smart Phone
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Is anybody Malicious Spying On You Through Your SmartPhone? Are you concerned about your cell phone security? Do you use free and public wifi a lot?

Your mobile phone started to work very slowly and memory is completely full, but you can't buy a new one?! You can solve these problems easily.

Are you want to Protect against Spyware, fake apps, frauds, & other types of hidden apps with Anti-Hack! Keep your personal data safe with Full boost, Junk file scan, High-risk app finder, App permissions advisor, and RAM Booster!

With the help of a new mobile repair system, You will get functions in one app:
Booster RAM
you can optimize the performance of your phone, and free up RAM to make speed up your android phone run faster!

CPU Cooler
CPU Cooler cools down your android phone CPU temperature with one tap.

Clear Cache and Delete Junk Files & Remove All Empty Folders And Files
Clean useless cache files, it can free up your phone space and remove the junk files that take up your memory and storage space. free up space and boost phone speed.

Battery Saver (Optimize Battery)
battery saving function that helps extend your battery life by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device. It also provides you with detailed battery information.

Manage Apps (Uninstall App)
uninstall tool for android, remove apps, And free up more spaces.

Repair System
the smart function will help you by checking your entire system and fix any problem.

Hardware Testing
Checks every basic hardware of your Android device and lets you know which hardware is working and which is not.

All-in-one Options
Set of basic useful tools that help you to use your phone on Android.

– Apps Analyzer is user-friendly so you can easily check one by one which Apps take your Contact & Phone Details, Storage Access, Sensors, Call List, and Calendar Permission.
– High-Risk App detects fraudulent elements like adware, SMS spies, backdoors, Remote Access Trojans, rooting, key loggers, exploits, Anubis, and ransomware.
– Apps Manager Feature helps users to Uninstall applications like System and User Apps.
– Privacy Protection Performs an entire audit of all apps on your device and shows you which of them access sensitive information.
– System Adviser Analyze your phone or tablet for insecure system settings that would put your device in danger. Helps you set up your device for a safer experience, making it harder for hackers to access your personal data.
– You can block your camera. This app will alert you when the camera is being used.
– You can see all apps with a camera, microphone, and location access and you can remove them if you think it's a spy app.
– Scan all of your installed apps and find the app which is from unknown resources.
– Repair system For Android & fix any problem with a simple tap.
– Scan your phone for spyware, remove spyware & protect your privacy.
– Who is on my WiFi ( you can check who is connected to your wifi ) Network Scanner & WiFi Scanner.

WiFi Doctor – Detect Who Use My WiFi can easily scan my wifi and see how many people or devices connected to your wifi router such as tplink/tp-link router, dlink router, Netgear router or Huawei router, etc.

Anti-Hack Security to help protect you from harmful spyware and stalkwerware.

Cyber Privacy Services Incognito offers different security and privacy services in order to better protect you from spyware.

Users can manually remove the infected spy apps from mobile devices ensuring protection.

It's important to note that Anti-Hack is not an anti-virus or anti-malware app, it is a Spy app Finder, Hidden Apps Finder, and High-Risk Apps finder and its function is to protect you from spyware/ stalker ware.

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Jun 4, 2021

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