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رقم: دفترحساب،حسابداری و طلب و بدهی


میخوای راحت حساب کتاب کنی؟سریع حسابداری و طلب وبدهی دفتر حساب مغازت رو انجام بده
Jul 13, 2021
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Ragham application is a simple accounting software in which you can do your shop, personal, or family accounting. Don't worry about your data anymore, because it has instant data support and your data will never be deleted. In addition, the convenience of using a ledger application saves your time in doing your everyday accounting. Besides, it provides an enjoyable personal financial management experience.

You do not need to have heavy accounting applications to manage your accounts and ledgers. With Ragham accounting application, you can easily register and pay your debts. So, install Ragham app right now and enjoy the simplicity and convenience of working with the application.

If you need more information, make sure to read the description below.

Features of Ragham application:

✓ Send completely free SMS to customers when registering a transaction
✓ Create multiple separate ledgers
✓ Manage different account books simultaneously
✓ Ensure information security for a life-time
✓ Manage multiple businesses in one mobile phone accounting application and create multiple shop accounts simultaneously
✓ Download customer reports in PDF format without the need for the Internet
✓ Sharing your customer reports via Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.
✓ Use one Ragham account on multiple mobile phones
✓ Add customer(s) to Ragham accounting software
✓ Edit customer information at any time
✓ Easy data backup and recovery

It does not matter if you have a company or a shop, you need a daily account and a personal account, in any case you can use Ragham app, which is a phone accounting program for personal financial management. When you work with Ragham app, you no longer feel bored when performing your accounting stuff, and you can easily register your accounts.

The above were just some of the features of Ragham general ledger.

Why should I install Ragham?

Automatic & Instant Information Support

No more worrying about losing your data, install Ragham app to support your data instantly. Your information is completely secure with us and you will have all your information in one place no matter what mobile phone you install the app on.

Manage Multiple Businesses Separately

If you have several stores or even need a mobile phone accounting software for your personal and family accounts, you can have all those accounts in Ragham app simultaneously while easily managing them.

Send Free SMS Reminders to Your Customers

If you have a shop, be sure to activate the SMS option to inform your customers about their accounting stuff when registering so that Ragham send them the reminders for free and inform them of their debts.

Simplicity and Convenience

In old paper accounts, shop accounts become very tedious and boring. Manage your sales account with Ragham and enjoy your accounting stuff using the simplicity of an accounting application.

Offline Reporting in Pdf Format (No Internet Required)

Instead of having to search in your ledger for financial management, install Ragham so that you can have a report of each party in pdf format without the need for internet and sending it for the other party.

Easy Access

It is a great advantage for a business to have a ledger anywhere. So, you can do your sales accounting at any time you want. This saves you so much time and you can use this time to be with your family and doing other things. Do not forget that “time is gold”.

Registration of Transaction Documents

Instead of dealing with checks, receipts, and paperwork, attach their images to the records on Ragham app and always have access to them.

Awesome! Now you know what you can do with Ragham and how practical it would be.

Install Ragham ledger application right now and start your journey!

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Jul 13, 2021

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